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Last name: Stepanova
Age: 26
Location details: Lugansk, Ukraine
Postal address: 91000 Zhukova block,4c/16
Phone number:
E-mail address:


The typical scam - a few letters to establish a cyber relationship, then the letter with the sorry but the lady's money has run out, do you want to help her continue the correspondence. The scammer claims to be "XXI Century Translations". The scammer also has sent several emails claiming that Tanya really really does exist, but she is shy and she wants to continue the correspondence. Checking full email headers shows possible forgery. The scam agency is posted here and on several other Internet sites as well.

The last email from Tanya is pasted below. Note that my name has apparently been pasted in to the salutation. Also there is no mention of being on the verge of having email communication stopped. And of course a very sexy photo was attached as well to the email below. The "Agency" continues to use this email address - I received 6 more emails from this address, but as "XXI Century".

My sweet XXX !
I was waiting for your reply like a flower waits for the sun in cloudy days. To be honest I was really glad to see your letter it is like waiting when someone will determine your destiny.

But now I'm sure that it is really you! James, I am glad you are not afraid of language barrier, of course, we will overcome it together! For such short period of time you become the most important person in
my life. I don't want to tell you how I need you, how I wait for you every day and especially every night because you know it by yourself.
Better I'll tell you how I like you and what we'll do when you come here. I was waiting for this so long! I'll meet you with tears on my eyes, with love in my heart. You'll hug me, kiss me, tell me that you was waiting for me all your life, you was thinking about your sweet little kitty every second. I will not let you to say anything else and I'll cover your lips with the sweetest kiss in the world. We look at
each other eyes and there is such feeling that we soaring to the snow-white clouds. Than we'll come back to reality after that wonderful moment, go for a walk it doesn't matter where, the only
important thing is that we are together, we keep each other hands, and we kiss and smile to each other! Finally our hearts will stop suffering from being lonely; you will never let me go. And our souls
will become one real, big, strong and passion love. Will you help me to make my dream come true?
For me important thing is trust, the most important but love without any reasons, just real love. I hate when someone lies me calling this honest lie when they say just part of the story, it is the most awful
thing for me. Every lie soon or late will be find out. I like you, I trust you. I don't want you to disappoint me. I always think about you. You are the gift of a destiny for me I never dream about. I'm
really lucky person. I'll be waiting for you reply hope it will not take too long.
Kiss you! Tanya.


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