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Last name: Stepanova
Age: 27
Location details: Lugansk, Ukraine
Postal address: 91000 Zhukova block,4c/16
Phone number:
E-mail address:


This is a followup report as this scammer is already been reported here. The agency "XXI Centtury Translations" is very, very active at the present time trying to pull in one or more of these scams. They sent several letters to me insisting that Tanya is real and that she was so, so upset that I thought that this was a scam. I suggested that she find a legitimate marriage agency in Lugansk and they ask for suggestions. When I sent these, they then asked why I trusted these agencies but not them? I then cut / pasted several other girls reported as scammers linked to XXI Century Translations and asked them to explain why such beautiful girls all write the same letters, in the same sequence and then 'run out' of Internet access? They have not answered me. XXI Century Translations is a scam agency - period.


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