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barb taylor
First name:

barb taylor

Last name:
Age: 23
Location details: Benin
Postal address:
Phone number:
E-mail address:


I spent some time in Yahoo chat with this person yesterday. The set up for a 'travel to you' scam was obvious.
S/he is not in Jackson, MS but rather in Benin, Africa. S/he has serious family problems. S/he wants to come to the USA to stay with me as soon as possible.
I did not waste any more time to actually get pitched for money for airfare / to help her momma / so forth.
S/he also does not have command of English as a native American, although s/he claims to have a US passport. This person is English fluent, but does not know how to correctly use words such as 'the' and 'a' and 'an'. Also 'momma' is not a common usage for mother in the USA.
So I suggest that you pull this profile.


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