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Inna Shevchenko
First name:

Inna Shevchenko

Last name: Shevchenko
Age: 21
Location details: Lugansk; Ukraine
Postal address:
Phone number:
E-mail address:;


A few of us guys were notified by a translator working for Olga Vervikova Alliance agency in Lugansk that Inna was not sincere.
I refused to believe.
Well I can personally say she made many promises to me including that she was ready to come to USA by fall. But now when I ask her this as my arrival approaches she tells me she has to study another year. Previously she said she was finishes in June.
When asked to learn English she refuses unless thru her friend which you would have to send money for. All translation must go thru Alliance. You cannot use you own translator etc. Reason I believe she is getting a cut of the money.
Now at this site it states she has a child. Wow that is interesting.
The issue here is it is a money scam!!!


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