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Svetlana Dolyatova
First name:

Svetlana Dolyatova

Last name: Dolyatova
Age: 26
Location details: Russia, Novocheboksarsk: Rostov
Postal address: Novocheboksarsk Podoliskih midshipman The world 45, apartments 102
Phone number:
E-mail address:;


See the letter below. All I wrote to this person in the last 3 letters as "yes, but what about our meeting?"

This is the letter in the serier where this person makes the money pitch.

Hello my dear xxx!!!

I am glad to receive your letter my dear!!! My dear I yesterday weigh day I think of you very much. I thought, that we can become good pair
my dear!!! I as am thought our meetings with you xxx!!! My dear I thought, that this meeting will help to understand our feelings up to the end. My dear this meeting important for us c you I think that we should see each other face to face. You think as xxx? My dear I would prepare us for a celebratory supper. I love, and I in a condition to be prepared well. I would make it, that you have asked. What does you love? xxx I think, that is necessary for us, will meet you. My dear I has learned concerning my travel agency. My dear for me have told, that following documents will be necessary for travel for you my dear for me. The passport for travel abroad, visas, also will be necessary for me. The my dear passport will prepare approximately
2-3 days and will cost 210 $. My visa will be 2-6 days, prepare approximately and will cost 320 $. My dear yes I understand that this sum not greater. But actually this money are necessary for our happiness. They are necessary, that I could visit you. I have learned{have found out}, that you can transfer this money me through system the Western union. It is very convenient. And they do all
quickly, and it is very good. xxx understand, that this money are necessary for me for the order documents. My dear you should write to me full data. I write to you:
Svetlana Dolyatova
Podoliskih midshipman
The world 45, apartments 102

My dear we should not strain with it. My dear you can already transfer me of money this week. I shall order at once documents and tickets. My dear xxx I hope you me, will understand. My dear I look forward to hearing from you. And I'm thinking about you.
Kiss you.
Yours for ever, Svetlana

Report #2
I also noticed there is another profile active with the same woman her name is Galya .
You might want to look into this before some guys get scammed. I just though you might be interested because there is many women more than before working this scam of sending money.


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