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Age: 25
Location details: Russia , Novocheboksarsk and Dnipropetrovsk
Postal address:
Phone number:
E-mail address:;


I want to report about next scammers
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Elena profile 41476
Usual story :
They sending standard and non-personal letters attached with sexy pictures. The ladies never answer questions I asked them. They never give comments on what I write in my letters. After writing 2 or 3 silly letters, they already fall in love with me ! Sveta contacted me first and I started writing back.
She says she lives in Dnipropetrovsk, 27 years old and she is a dancer.
Then after some writing I receive an greeting letter from her with the same face, but now she is 25 y.o. and lives in Novocheboksarsk and her email address now is When I write back that she is writing me already, they send me a mail from Stella Services and ask for payments

Elena was contacted by me first. Same story. Even a part of her answer is same text of a letter that I received from Sveta. I found identical writings. It is clear that there must be the same person behind this scamming.
In my last letter I told them that I was going to visit Kiev and maybe there town Dnipropetrovsk. I asked them for their full name or telephone no. but they don’t give it.
After this letter, they no longer can pay for their translations and I am supposed to pay for it.
 Date:  07/04/2006 12:58    
 From:  sv_etik80     
Block address
 Subject:   from Sveta 
Attachments :<br />
vtoraya.jpg (8266 bytes.) 

 Hi dear (my name),
Thank you for the letter. How was your day?I am so glad that you have a place for me and my letters in your life.It is so pleasant to hurry from
work and to know that your letters are waiting for me as if I am flying to our meeting.:) A person needs so little to have a good mood. But everyone has a bad mood too.Even animals have a bad mood. They are sad and even have a depression sometimes.If I am sad I try to talk to my family, listen to the music, watch a comedy or just go for a walk with my dog.When a person is interested in something he/she has no time to
be sad.We have a small dacha out of town and we go there on weekends. I like having a rest in the nature.I like humor and people who can turn even the
worse situation into a good joke. My life credo is " Everything is to be tried in our life." Maybe that's why I have a lot of interests, it is always
interesting for me to cook a new dish, sew a new dress,etc.I listen to pop, classical music. It depends on a mood.I try always to look very good. My
beauty rule is to have a good dream at night, have a good and useful breakfast and good mood.
Yes,I live in Dnepropetrovsk,I've travelled a lot acroass Ukraine and Russia,but I've never been abroad.I don't have any plans for summer My most worse habit is to sleep too long on weekends for the whole
week.What are your bad habits? My dream is to feel true love.I like my house to be clean and cozy to have a good rest and work.I don't like envy and
betrayal.If I had a wonder stick I would wish health for my close people and me.I would like my dreams to come true.I like jogging and aqua aerobics.
Someone told: " A woman is a Diamond and the more facets it has the better it is. And the problem of a man is to look carefully these facets." I don't
think that I am a Diamond but I want our hearts to understand each other even if we speak different languages.My Englsh is poor,and I am going to
take a good dig in it,as I really want to know it perfectly not to have any language barrier with my future husband.But I think that it's not a very
high barrier in our communication,if we want to be together,we'll overcome this barrier.Won't we? Love language doesn't need a translation.Sometimes we
need just one look to say something.
I would like to write you more how I can see my future family and my life in the nearest future. I hope to find the right one for me this way because I see that
most of young men don't want to create their own families and older ones have theor family
already and I don't want to destroy any one's family to build mine because I know that this is not a good thing and you can't be happy using unhappiness
of others! So, i hope to find my future husband via Internet and to communicate with each other to get to know more about us and to see if our interest is
growing and developing and then it is possible to speak about meeting and to spend our time
together. I think this will be very great moment for both of us and if everything is OK we can discuss about our future and to see if we are a great couple and can support each other with our care and understanding. But also I think that in relations
it is very important to be fithful to each other and to trust each other. So, in my opinion family is a team and everyone has to act correct and try to
understand other and this will bring a harmony and happiness to both of us at the beginning and to all of us speaking in far future when we will have ldren.<

Looking forward to your letter.
Kiss you.
With love,

 Date:  10/04/2006 08:57    

 From:  sv_etik80     Block address   To: 
 Subject:   from Sveta 

4etvertaya.jpg (42380 bytes.) 
Hello my sweetheart,my dear (my name),Thanks a lot for your letter-as alwaays it gave me more energy and
enthusiasm!I miss your letters more and more,day after day.Please,write me more often,and I'll be the happiest person on the earth!You know,dear,you've
opened my heart,which I have tried to protect for so long.And then I've found like the door felt of the hinges and my heart leaped out just for you!It's such a pleasant feeling,I should say!I feel that it's you,MY DESTINED AFFINITY,I have been looking to for all my life!I'll try to keep my head above the waters to be with you.
Sorry,honey,but I haven't managed to open the site you've given to me!I'll try again. by the way,Dnepropetrovsk is in 10 hours from Kiev by train.I really think that Kiev is the perfect place for our meeting,I know this city very well,I'll be your personal guide there if you want!Very often I dream about us,spending our holiday resort somewhere on
Hawaii.I've read a lot about this place-a real tropical paradise,and have always dreamt to be there with my beloved person.Hawaii is the tropical paradise,seductive,exotic and hilarious.Its shores
are lapped by the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean.It’s an island of bright beauty(exotic,exiting,mysterious and splendidly charismatic).
Tall coconut palms fringe its beaches of fine white sand.Its climate is tropical-hot and humid,with the temperature seldom droping below 20 degrees
centigrate even at night and usually rising to 30 degrees centigrate during the day.Ther is no an appalling heat here.Many plants and animals on this island are concidered unique.The inhabitants are of Polynesian origin and according to tradition they are
called Hawaiki.
The food on the island is mouthwatering,with strong Chinese and Indian influences apparent.Here you can taste:spareribs,crabs,prawns add other
dishes,which are served with delicious spicy sauces.And the staple tropical fruits are superb(grape,papaya,custard apple and etc.).So,there are a lot of things here to gape at !So,my dream is to be her with you,my sweethert!How have I described it
As you know, my English is not very good to communicate with you by my own, I had to use the <br />
services of translate assosiation "Stella". I don't want you to think that I am a lazy bone, of course not as I have been learning English by my own.
Sure the results right now are not the best, but I am sure that I will reach my goal as I have a strong reason for it and this reason is you... So, all
this time I have been using the servises of translator and every letter costed me $5... I am sorry but it is too much for me, I can't pay for our correspondence anymore... You may think that I am one of those who search for money... I am sorry that our women have such a reputation and I am sorry that due to them our women do not have a chance to find their destined
affinity even if they are serious in their intentions... You may advice me to use the Internet cafe, I already thought about it, it will just be the same price for me as I am as bad in typing as
my English is and it takes much time of Internet using and costs nearly the same price...I am so sorry to realize that it is the time to I thought it wasjust the beginning...I don't want to say good bye to you, but if you decide that the best variant for us is to stop right now, I am not going to judge you, but I still hope that it is just the beginning, but not
the end.Anyway, if you are still interested in me, you'd better contact to get the
detailed information of payment for their servises.Waiting for your soon answer.....Kisses,

City Novocheboksarsk

then I respond that she is writing me already and that she changed city and age, I receive next answer :

 Date:  10/04/2006 15:54    
 From:  sv_etik80     
Block address < Subject:   from"Stella" 
pervaya_0.jpg (35128 bytes.) 

Dear Sir,Thank you for using our services and your serious interest in Sveta.She applied to our firm for help because she doesn't know English and has not access to the Internet. At the same time Sveta wants to find her soul mate and she seriously interested in you. for the moment her account is over. If you are seriously interested in continuation of correspondence with her, contact us to get more details
about our service and payment.
Sincerely Yours

Here the payment details :

Date: 11/04/2006 11:07
From: sv_etik80 Block address
To: geminim
Subject: "Stella"

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your letter. We are glad that you want to continue correspondence with Sveta .She is also interested in you very much.Here is information about our services:
-translation and printing of one letter - $5
-scanning of one photo- $2
If you are interested in unlimited services the prices are:

-unlimited service of sending pictures and phone calls - ARE FREE
one month costs-$200
two months cost-$350
Please, transfer us a necessary amount in favor of manager
Terms of payment
** transfer your money via the Western Union, Kharkov, Bank Aval.
You have:
*to send your money, indicating the manager's name YANA KRIVULYA.
*to inform us of the date of transfer, the money transfer control number (send an e-mail with information), your full name and the sum
you are going to transfer.Now you have full information about us and our activity. We hope your
will be sutisfied with our service. We will be glad to cooperate with you.
Sincerely Yours


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