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Age: 26
Location details: Moscow, Russia
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This scammer has had an email sent to me from the "travel agency" that lays out "her" airline travel. I also received an email from the scammer that has a "photo" of the visa. As good and as innovative as this all is, there are still problems:
Only a phone call from Condi Rice could get the US embassy in Moscow to issue a visa with 3 days notice. And the photo on the visa was clearly inserted into the jpg file.
The locator code given in the airline reservation can be checked - and of course it does not exist.

A follow up - I should have mentioned that the letter from the 'agency' included a request for funds $300 something. Shortly thereafter I received a letter from s/he as the'lady' explaining that the agency would contact me shortly. Of course s/he was very reluctant to ask for money, but s/he had already spent $200 for the visa and $300 towards the airfare, but needed another $300 for the ticket. And s/he wanted to be with me for two weeks so much!
If this scammer finds someone who does not understand that any message regarding a trip to the USA is a certain sign of an attempt to scam, the excitement of being just a few days away from an actual meeting could well lure the mark into sending the funds - and then standing around the airport waiting for the lady to clear customs after the flight arrives. And the wait will be a long one, as although the scammer did use real flight numbers - as I said before, the reservation code given by the scammer does not exist. So the scammer hopes that the rube is so excited as to not think to check the reservation because everything about the travel itinerary looked so real.<As I believe P.T. Barnum once said, never give a sucker an even break.


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