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Age: 26
Location details: Ukraina, Dnipropetrovsk
Postal address:
Phone number:
E-mail address:;
Webpage: profile 41476


I want to report about next scammers :
Elena profile 41476

Usual story :
Elena was contacted by me first. She sends standard and non-personal letters attached with sexy pictures. She never answers questions I asked them. They never give comments on what I write in my letters. After writing 2 or 3 silly letters, they already fall in love with me !
A part of her answer letter is the same text of a letter that I received from Sveta with profile 46317.
I found identical writings. It is clear that there must be the same person behind this scamming.
In my last letter I told her that I was going to visit Kiev and maybe there town Dnipropetrovsk.
I asked her for her full name or telephone no. but she never gave it.
After her last letter, everything stopped because I guess they found out that I was behind reporting scammer Sveta, profile 46317.

Here some letters :

Hello ,

Thanks a lot for your attention and for your letter.I was really very pleased to get it!
So,my dear,I would like to tell you more about myself and about my life.I'm Elena -a girl from Ukraine in Dnepropetrovsk,who is full of believes in the best features of people.I'm kind, tender and always try to follow my feelings.When I feel lost I listen to my heart,because it's my best adviser.I am looking for a kind and understanding person.By my reckoning, a man must be strong in charachter,easy-tempered and always be ready to provide for his family.I like prudent people. I really believe that one day I'll find my destined affinity in YOU and I won't regret about it for all my life.
I am working as an assistent in the big supermarket.To tell you the truth,I don't enjoy my work
greatly,but I have to work.Since the childhood I dreamt to work as a veterinary,as I just adore
animals.But my dream is only a dream now....
As for my values and nature I am a Good listener and very understanding with calm caring big heart. I have affectionate and romantic side I am very honest, respectful, caring, loyal,faithful, generous, thoughtful and loving... I am not an Angel but try to be :)). It is hard I think to sum up what I am in a few words, trust is so important to me as well as honesty. I have a romantic and loving nature. My personality is open and honest and I am told I am fun to be with and care for others and not selfish.
You know I am not looking for the ideal man or a prince, I am looking for the man who can be
with me in joys and sorrows, i am not looking for the man who is rich, I am looking for the man with whom I can step by step make all our dreams come true and with whom we can help each other in achieving our goals, I want to be closer to the man who can be not only good guy and good lover, I want to see the soul mate in my man, I want him to be my friend, to be the man of my heart, to be my prince and to be my lover, I want him to be everyone for me. I don't care about the age, I care only about personality, I don't care about appearance, the beauty comes and goes but soul and heart is always with the man, I want him to be beautiful from inside. You can say that I am describing an ideal man but it is not true, I am describing the man with whom I want to build strong relationships, to whom I can always really one and be sure that he won't ever led me down.

May be my letter is becoming too long....
I must finish now.
Waiting for your next letter with impatience!

Van: "elenushka25" <>
Onderwerp: from Elena
Datum: zaterdag 8 april 2006 12:06

Hello my dear .,
Thanks a lot for your wonderful letter-it was a great pleasure for me to get it!
Every time I get a letter from you, it's like receiving a million gifts. Every word, every letter, gives my heart a rhythm to dance with..Some times I try to stop my self, and say I am not a teenager any more, some other times I say may be it is just a wonderful dream and I got to wake up one day on the reality-May be u r just a phantom, passing by my heart, like an angel, giving happiness to a person and then got move on to the next one--don-t know. I've never been abroad, I'd like to visit France, Italy one day!
I would like to write you more how I can see my future family and my life in the nearest future. I hope to find the right one for me this way because I see that most of young men don't want to create their own families and older ones have the or family already and I don't want to destroy any one's family to build mine because I know that this is not a good thing and you can't be happy using unhappiness of others! So, i hope to find my future husband via Internet and to communicate with each other to get to know more about us and to see if our interest is growing and developing and then it is possible to speak about meeting and to spend our time together. I think this will be very great moment for both of us and if everything is OK we can discuss about our future and to see if we are a great couple and can support each other with our care and understanding. But also I think that in relations it is very important to be fithful to each other and to trust each other. So, in my opinion family is a team and everyone has to act correct and try to understand other and this will bring a harmony and happiness to both of us at the beginning and to all of us speaking in far future when we will have children. Do you share my opinion up to this point? Why have you
decided to find your future wife via Internet? Dear, don't be shy to ask the questions!
Looking forward to your letter and photos with great impatience..........

Van: "elenushka25" <>
Onderwerp: from Elena
Datum: woensdag 12 april 2006 12:55

Hello my sweetheart,
Thanks a lot for your lovely letter.It's always pleasant to get any news from you!
I am always looking forward to them with great impatience,I am always hurrying to
read them,as I am hurring to the meeting with dearest person.I started to notice that I began to miss your letters it means that I began to miss you,
as you always show your bright personality in letter. Writing this the poem came to my mind.
I've read it once or twice, but still remember it by heart.
I miss you
When I need a hug
And you are not around...
I miss you when I`m in a crowd
And you cannot be found...
I miss you
When you`re someplace else
And I`ve got thoughts to share
I miss you when I`m on the couch
And sitting next to air
I miss you when I`m with a friend
And not with you instead
I miss you when I`m working
And you pop into my head...
do you know, what love is ? do not say "of course i do" as you are not right. nobody
in the world knows what love is. what does it start with? maybe with one look of two people, maybe with the words "i love you". who knows? for me love starts from the moment when i start to miss a person. i miss not only the look, but the way of talking, manner of behavior. i miss the way the person calls me... I miss everything about him. when i see the person i love, my hearts starts beating too fast,i feel like losing control of my body... for me love is the life of hearts as in real life they are asleep.
love is for two of us, it is impossible for three. looking into your lover's eyes, know, that you are not free. these are my thoughts of real love. and what do you think? have you ever tasted this true love? i had. no, it's better to say, i taste it now. i'm tasting
it with you, baby. you are the person that i miss most of all. you are the person that makes my heart beating, you are the person who i dream of all night long. you are the one for me. i want to be with you. to feel you close to me is the best happiness for me in the world!
darling, i know that all the words are too romantic, but this is the feeling i have inside of me...
hope you can feel it too... with all my dreams about you,
only yours Elena.


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