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Svetlana Vetrova
First name:

Svetlana Vetrova

Last name:
Age: 26
Location details: Russian, Bryansk
Postal address: 573480 Bryansk, Peschanaya 13-7
Phone number: +7 4832 684092
E-mail address:
Webpage: profile 44655


I want to report about next scammer :
Sveta profile 44655
She sends first a photo on which she looks a bit shy and serious. Every following letter is attached by a more sexy picture. To look serious she says she likes fishing and her hobby is her aquarium ! She nearly never answers the questions you ask. Her letters are rather short.
She gives next home address : 573480 Bryansk, Russia, Peschanaya 13-7
Her phone no. +7 (4832) 684092.
When I contacted her, she called me darling but she was too tired for talking on the phone and wanted to go to bed.
After 3 letters she already falls in love with me and she wants to visit me in my country. She asks for which airport is most close to me and she will arrange visa and book tickets for it.
Next letter she sends me a copy of a visa on name Svetlana Vetrova.(named ‘france’ in attachment). She was able to arrange this visa in 1 day !! She also says that she booked the tickets but she still needs to pay 310 USD to the travel agency. She announces that the travel agency will contact me about it.
Then I receive an email from ‘Travel Best’ in Bryansk with
Address is : 853822, Russia, Bryansk, Medvedena 5, office 27.
Their telephone numbers are : Tel. +7 (4832) 583956
Fax. +7 (4832) 583955
Email address :

Director is Sergey Zavoloko. I found back his name already on scamming lists as a manager. Then he ‘worked’ for Around the World, Birskaya 14, Yakutsk.
This Sergey Zavoloko asks me to pay the missing 310 USD by Western Union. He sends me some fake invoice for the reservation and booking with fake flight information. I contacted Aeroflot about this booking and they told me that their was no booking at all on the name Svetlana Vetrova.
This Zavoloko is a criminal because he made fake documents. When I wrote him that I contacted Aeroflot and that there was no booking, he wrote me that it was just a ‘previously booking’ because the ticket was not fully payed.
Then I wrote him that a friend of mine in Bryansk would bring him the money in person and then his address changes from Medvedena 5 into no. Medvedena 4.
After that I only had contact by phone with this Sveta and she kept asking me for sending the money because she loved me so much.
I told her that I would fully pay her back for her visa and total price of ticket as soon as she showed up in Belgium but after that she never wrote me again.
Trying to phone her now, her brother tells that she is not a home and she seems to be on a holiday in France.
In case you want written evidence about this scamming, please contact me and I can send you copies of all letters from Sveta and this Sergey Zavoloko.

Hi my darling …

How are you? I am very fine!
Because I have you! And this intention heating me!
The best time to call after 18.00 moscow time.
My brother not so good speak english.
Today I shall go in Moscow to meet my mother.
In Moscow now not so warm weather.
Which weather now in your city?
I think I can fly to you on the 1 of april.
And we shall be together two weeks.
Can I stay with you or I need to take a hotel?
Say my please, which airport nearest to you?
I shall book tickets soon as I can.
Cannot wait to see you darling!
With love and kisses, your Sveta

Hi my darling ..
You know today I was in agency of travel and wanted to buy tickets. But price for tickets so high. The tickets for round trip cost 670 USD. I have just 510 USD. And I pay for visa 200 USD.
So I pay for tickets only 310 USD. Can you pay 360 USD to agency of travel.I leave your e-mail adrress in agency and they shall contact you.Anyway, I buy already visa. So I need just a tickets for at fly to you.
For me uncomfortable to speak with you about money. But I have no other way. I am simple and honest girl. I send you copy of my visa for at you can trust me. Most of all I want to meet you. I am sure that if we shall meet we shall be not regret.
Together we shall spend great time. I will be waiting letter from you darling.
Hope to see you soon.
Gentle kiss you, Sveta

Hello my darling
I think we need to speak by phone about this situation.
Call me please today in evening. After 21.00 moscow time.
I shell be wait for your call.
We can speak about our meeting.
+7 4832 684092
I do not want to lost you.
You have place in my hear.
Call me please.
Gentle kiss you lovely
Your forever, Sveta


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