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Age: 28
Location details: Kazan, Russia
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Report #1

She does the airfare/visa scam. She fell "in love" with me after a few letters, but didn't want me to visit her. She cannot receive any phone calls, but she was able to call me, somehow. When she did, she was speaking from a script and didn't respond to what I was saying...just carried on reading from her script.
This is the scam letter:

Hello xxx. How are you? How your mood? I'm fine. It is a pity, that you have not written to me before I have
come to the Internet of cafe. Today at me free day. At school many children were ill a flu and consequently my
occupations have cancelled. Therefore I since the morning have gone to travel agency what to learn cost air tickets. Now I want to inform you full cost of trip to you. I shall estimate cost in $USD because in travel
agency to me as informed cost in $USD.. I Hope for you this currency is familiar.
First it is necessary for me to issue the passport for travel abroad. It will occupy 3-4 days and will cost 85$USD. Then I should address in embassy UK for registration of the visa. Registration of the visa will occupy some weeks and will cost 150$USD. I do not have other choice besides how to issue the visa through travel agency. To the lonely girl as I was difficult to receive the visa. It is necessary to have the proof of that I returm to Russia. For example to have family with children or to have the business and big capital. I can receive the visa if only the travel agency will help me. They incur the responsibility, that I shall not break a rule of visiting of your country. Besides they will help me to prepare all necessary documents correctly.
I as have learned cost of air tickets from Moscow up to Gatwick international airport. The cheapest air
tickets cost 350-400$USD (this cost includes also gathering at the airport). I already spoke you, that it is necessary for me to buy air tickets to you and back. This obligatory rule.
And last travel agency asks for the services 300$USD. If I shall make out the visa in Moscow where to be
embassy UK I shall spend more money to trip and to residing in Moscow. I hope you understand me.
xxx, I should tell to you, that it is very big money for me. I earn in a month about 180$USD and I should
save money some years before I can arrive to you. It is inconvenient for me to ask you the help, but I do not
have other variant. I hope you understand me position. Inform me please in the following letter I can expect for your help?
In my opinion everything, that I wanted to inform you. On it I shall finish the letter. If at you will be any
questions I shall be glad to answer them. I shall look forward to hearing from you. I wish you successful day.


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