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Katya Dmitrieva
First name:

Katya Dmitrieva

Last name: Dmitrieva
Age: 24
Location details: Russia, Kazan
Postal address: Russia, Kazan
Phone number:
E-mail address:


Dear Gentleman!

My name Yulia Wilson, i am owner Dating Agency
I decided to do this step, because i was very shocked when i was reading some mails in e-mail box Katya Dmitrieva.
She is a member on my site ID 1083
I am afraid to disappoint you, but i would like to inform you Katya is absolute Scam. I can't imagine it is her job to send many mails every day and asking men to send her money different ways. If you still corresponding with her, please stop to write her, she is a monster. I know you is very upset or angry about her now. Many men are fallen in love to her or sent her money by Western Union. I want to give you her e-mail address and her password , you can go to see who is she?

password 1478963215

It is russian mail box, but do not worry, i will help you, you need to type before , you can see russian google, first place it is login type there marmalpet next is her password type 1478963215 and click Enter or "go".
When you will be inside mail box look at the left side it is menu, do you see line with Star
Under the line with Star click there and you will see all mails ( today 554 ) which she was sending every day to you and other men.
If you click on 5th line under line with Star, you will see received mails. You can see how many Dating Agencies she was signed up and please, i would like you inform some Dating Agencies if you met her there or saw her profile there.
I would like we all together stop her and i wish to put her in jail.
Please, Do not write her right now angry message, i know your emotions, but lets we wait 3 days to give all men chance to see her e-mail box. If she will have some bad mail, she will change her password.
In some her e-mails i read her address postal index 420000, Russia, city Kazan, Glavnaia street 47/21 Katya Dmitrieva, i found her number of passport 1478963215, but i think it is fake. She always said she doesn't have home phone number, but in my site i have her home phone 2365987, it is just phone without any code, but i am not sure if it is right too. Her DOB March 5 , 1981.
If you know how to put her in jail, please use all this information, that i send to you and lets all men together and some Dating Agencies to help each other to fight with this incredible spam.


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