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Age: 27
Location details: Russia, St Petersburg and Cheboksary
Postal address:
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E-mail address: and meluda2006@ga


I want to report about next scammer :
Anastasiya profile 47115 from Cheboksary
I saw her picture in your scammers list before already ! Then her name was Lyudmila.

Usual story :
I found her on another dating site but now she is on your site again with another name.
Her name was Evgenija, living in St Petersburg, and I sent her an email to
She sent standard and non-personal answers attached with sexy pictures, showing her breasts. On the other hand she complaints that Russian men did not treat her well in the past and they are only interested in her big breasts. She never answers questions I asked her. She never gave comments on what I wrote in my letters. After writing 2 or 3 silly letters, she already fell in love with me ! She never waited longer than a day to answer my letters. I think she must have a day time scam job to answer all her admirers

Because I realised that she was a scammer, in my last letter I told her that I was going to visit St Petersburg in the coming weeks. I asked her about where and when to meet, but from then on she did not answer me anymore because she understood that there would be no reason to send her money.
Now I notice that she is now on New-Dating with another name, Anastasiya, and another city, Cheboksary ! In a week time she also grew 3 centimetres and lost 4 kilos !
It is time that police puts this scammer in jail.

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