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Age: 29
Location details: Russia, Volzhsk
Postal address:
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E-mail address:


Another scammer :
Uses different names and sends exactly the same letters : Natalia and Elena
The email addresses stay the same :
She also wrote to me and gave me a wrong name.
Letters :

Hi my lovely friend!!!!

I only to be registered on a site and to see you and to decide to write!!! Excuse that in my structure there is no picture but I why that cannot insert there her to me everyone speak that there was a mistake!!! Let's get acquainted - me Elena and calls you?? To me already almost 29 years and to go on this site in searches of the present kind gentle men for serious attitudes!!! Probably we can learn each other closer and I can send you pictures if you to write to me on my address!!!
I from Russia and let you to not frighten my structure for me it to do my girlfriend living in England!!!
I shall wait very much your answer!!!
Your friend Elena!!

Hi my friend .!!!(she sends this same letter and then her name changed to Natalia)
To me you to write are very pleasant that to me the answer!!! Let's get acquainted my name is Natalia!!! I hope to you to like my name??? I at once to want to tell to you that was not the big surprise but I search for the man of the dream!! Very much to like me your
structure and I have decided to write to you the letter!!! You know to me the main thing the truth and honesty before the friend the friend!!! More it is necessary nothing to me!! I really to want to
find the man which would become my support and would conduct me on all life!!! I want to become the wife of the person which on the present liked and respected me!!!! I very much to want that you began which
person to want to find I!! This opportunity of our acquaintance began which to advise due to my girlfriend to me to go to the Internet of cafe and to find the friend and probably the husband from other country!!! You likely to want to ask me why I to search for the man from other country - know I is tired from that that the main thing in Russia at men is vodka!!! Vodka is their main enemy and for the sake of her they create terrible things!!! You know after your letter I
simply to want to find the happiness!!! And I shall tell about my former life to you in the following letter have agreed? Better I to tell to you about small but very beautiful city I to write to you briefly!! Volzhsk, city in Mari Republic, the center of the Volga area, in 101 kms. To the south from Ioshkar Ola. It is located on Mar lowland. Quay on Volga (the left coast Kujbyshevskogo of a water basin). We also have a small railway station. The population of 62,1
thousand person but this date for 1996 also is possible figure of the population now little bit more!! Our city has grown from settlement Lopatino which has grown approximately about 200 years ago. City my city began from 1940 cities. In Volzhsk: large a tree processing and pulp-and-paper combines; factories hydro-barmy, "Torgcholodmash", reducers, units and units. Well, mine , let me to tell to you about me more... As I have told you earlier, me of 28 years, I - "Cancer" on the Zodiac, I was born on July, 8 1977. And when you have been given birth? And what is exact your date of a birth? I - the White Russian girl on a nationality. On religion, I am a Christian (the Russian Conformist), and I believe in God Jesus. I studied in The Samara Polytechnical University. I have finished university in 1999. By a trade I to become the social worker. Also I want to tell to you, that I have learned the English language when I studied at university, I can speak English without any problems, I think so... But I can see, what I do many spelling mistakes, I think so, I hope, what you will help to understanding my English language without any problems? Really, ..? Please, Tell to me about it in your following e-mails, well? I hope to you my picture has liked????? I with impatience shall wait for your letter and in the following letters we shall learn each other more!!! I with impatience shall wait for your letter!!! Your friend Natalia!!!


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