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Maria , id 48781
First name:

Maria , id 48781

Last name:
Age: 26
Location details: Zveningovo, also Niizhny Novgorod
Postal address:
Phone number:
E-mail address:


This woman (if it is a woman) uses exactly the same letters as a scammer known as Yuliya Guzhavena who was on Friendfinder. She was tossed off that site for scamming and now she is here - different name, different city, different photos, but sending the same letters. If you think that is only a coincidence, I have a nice bridge to sell you, going cheap. Don't trust this woman as far as you can kick her.
It looks like she is getting sloppy. She started off saying she lived with her parents, brother and sister, and her family was very happy. Then, later, she wrote that her father abandoned the family when she was a child, her mother was very hurt and never talks about it. Fat chance that one wouldn't be noticed. Also makes silly mistakes like sending the same letter twice. This chick sits at her computer all day, sending out form letters to lists of suckers. If you are on the list, get off and don't get involved. Don't say you haven't been warned.


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