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Yulia Asakasianskaya
First name:

Yulia Asakasianskaya

Last name: Asakasianskaya ID 47862
Age: 26
Location details: kazan, Russia
Postal address: fatyha amirhana 53A sq.4
Phone number:
E-mail address:; bernikova.alisa@yahoo.


yulia contacted me and we wrote two or three letters to each other. she asked for my phone number saying she had no phone. she called me and we talked a few minutes and i offered to send her a calling card to help with calls. she said she wanted to come here and i said ok. She said she would find out information. The next day she wrote and said she needed $985.00. I told her i could not send money and that it was not that easy to get a visa. she assured me it was and said she already had a passport.I wrote back and told her I would talk with a lawyer to find out how much trouble it is to get a visa and asked her to send me photo copy of her passport. She wrot me back and said she would not send a copy of her passport and everyone was lying to me about how hard it was to get a visa. And please just send money, and if i didnt trust her maybe we should not write anymore.



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