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Last name: Dovlatova
Age: 25
Location details: Moscow or Abeville or Vologda
Postal address:
Phone number:
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She falls in love quickly convincing you that you are in love too. She has great photos sending you them, writing to you often. She is a pro. She has many profiles ID # 48161 Ekaterina has no photo and #47773 Irina which has her photo.

She tells you that she can get a visa and plane tickets everything in two weeks and can be with you. She says that her mother, friends and relatives can help her pay everything then the next day she says she is $550 short can she get some help it is very expensive.

I say I will come to her and she has a pre-prepared professional long letter ready the next day telling me how she loves me and how dangerous it is and how at the airport mafia is waiting for Americans and follow them and kidnap them and you can imagine it is great reading. I have been to Russia about 15 times all over Siberia and the toughest places in Moscow and it is nothing like where I have been to in New York, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, Los Angeles. Russia is fine, I have also been to Kiev and Odessa a dozen times and it is also great, no problems they love us there.


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