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Age: 28
Location details: Ukraine, Poltava and Lugansk !
Postal address:
Phone number: does not have
E-mail address:;


Another scammer : Yulia profile no. 39036

Usual crap. Falls in love after 3 letters. Never answers my questions. Her details in profile and letters are not the same. She suddenly lives in another town. Tells me every time that she and her parents are poor. Doesn’t have a telephone to contact her. She sends a pic of her friend who is married with a foreigner. When I sent a angry and short letter, she thanks me bfor my beautiful letter ! When I tell her that I will be nearby her city and that I want to meet her, she suddenly tells that I should use the services of translation firm ‘Vesta Service’ and they will also arrange our meeting. After that, I do not hear from her anymore.

Dear …,
Thank you for another beautiful letter from you! I am so glad to receive it! How are you? I hope everything is ok with you? Honey this letter is very hard to write and I will try to choose the right words to explain what troubles me. Remember I told you I don't know English and have to use the services of the translation firm "Vesta Service"? Their e-mail address is: and they also have the web site: I hope - yes. Honey their services are very expensive for me
and can not pay such an ammount for each letter. And I don't really want to loose a contact with you as I like you very very much and may be my sixth sense keeps telling me that one day we will be together forever. And I need to know that I did not loose you just because of the difference in our languages. I know that love can overcome any obstacles and if language problem is impossible to decide, so we don't have a right to speak about love at all. It means that we are not redy to fall love and maybe our hearts will never love anyone. I believe that we can overcome everything together and just by overcoming everything that may prevent our happines we will know it's real taste - taste of love! I hope you think the same way and if your heart is redy for love, I will wait for your letter with the greatest impatience I have ever felt. When you will be ready to come here to meet mee - you can connect with the agency and they will help you to organize everything.
Hoping to hear from you very soon.
P.S. First photo was taken on my friend's wedding.

Hello my dear …,
Each letter from becomes very beautiful for me. And I beging to miss you and waiting for more and more. In this letter I would like to explain you why I decided to find a man through the Internet. The thing is that our Ukrainian men are very self assured and to be completely happy they search for a woman to become his addition to the status they reached in life.
They are not interested in personality itself, just a beautiful toy in somebodies is not for me! But my friend married a foreign man and now she is very happy with him. He always supports her in everything and what is the most important - he really cares for her.That is what I am looking for in a man. Also she told me that foreign men highly appreciate women and try to do everything for them to be comfortable and happy:) I hope I will have a chanse also:) Our Ukrainian women brought up to be perfect housewives and to do everything for the man theay are in love with. I also brought up in this way. I like to clean the house
to cook breakfasts, dinners and suppers and it would be wonderful if one day I will do it not only for myself:) I also would like to know why are you looking for a woman through the Internet and what is wrong with women in your country. I hope you can understand now my goals in life where family takes the first place:) And I also hope that you will like my vision of life, especialy family life. I will be waiting to hear from you and to know your thoughts on the point. I would also gladly meet you. May be you will be able to come and visit me???
Kissing you,

Hello my dear …,
Thank you very much for your beautiful letter. I was very glad to get more information from you:) I hope we will continue to know each other better and who knows may be one day we will be together:) In this letter I decided to tell you more and my family, about my values in life and also about what I want from relationships. As I have told you last time my family lives in Stahanov. My parents are not reach and try to keep their living by working hard. My mother is a nurse as well and working at a local hospital. She is no very young and tires a lot but she tries to do everything to keep her house clean and to cook a good meal for my father. My father works at a plant and his job is very hard that's why it is very important to have a good rest after his working day. They have very nice and loving relatioships and try to support each other in every situation. Their relations is a good example for me. It is just like a model of mutual understanding, carying and loving:) I hope to have such a good and strong family in the future. My brother Lives in Lugansk also. He has his own family, a good, beautiful and charming wife and a nice daughter of 10 years old. I like to spend time with them when they invite me to come. I can tell that we are very good friends not only with my brother but with his wife also. Sometimes I think that my parents' family is a model for Vladimir also, as their families are very much alike:) I would do my best to have such family also. To feel support and carrying to be my harbor in this wavy sea of life. I hope now you can see what I am looking for in relationships and also you have some more information about me:)
I must go now but I will be waiting to see your letter tomorrow.
Kiss you,

PS; (Admin) Easy search shows that above mentioned website is registered in Lugansk to the name of Anna Gurchenkova whose name is mentioned in scamlists as well.

Photo on the left (first position) belongs to a different person.


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