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Last name: Tereshko
Age: 25
Location details: Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Postal address:
Phone number:
E-mail address:; travel agency's e-mail - ga


I initiated the correspondence and she answered
quickly. She was responsive from the start, answering all my questions and using my name often throughout the letter. My first inclination that something was amiss was in the third letter when she said that she thought she could love such a person and failed to answer my questions in detail as she had before. She became dismissive saying that all that counted to her was our relationship.
In a question that she did answer, she gave a
different answer from statements she made in the first letter about her parents. In letter one she said they were retired teachers, in this letter she said they worked on a collective farm all their lives. Another inconsistency was her place of domicile. She would not give me her address although I asked for it several times. At first she said that I should not write to her there, because she wanted to get all of my letters and they might become lost. Later she said
that she had told me this before in the first letter, which she had not.
In the first letter she said that she lived with her parents. In the third letter she said her parents lived in a village nearby and she visited them often.
In the fifth letter she said she lived in a small
room. These inconsistencies coupled with a lack of<br
answers to my direct questions, her statement that she was optimistic about our future together, all had me on edge when the request for her to visit me instead of the other way around came through.
At that point my doubts became solid fact that this was a scam and I wanted to let her play her hand and led her to believe that I was willing to do whatever to get her here. She then told me of the friend at a travel agency that could take care of it for me.
The letter from the alleged travel agency confirmed my belief that she was trying to scam me. The agency did not have its own email address and listed American and Continental Airlines as possibilities for her travel.
I know for certain that these two airlines do not
carry passengers outside of the United States.
I felt I was being scammed and I reported it to
The advice about scamming on this and other sites
helped me to recognize the tell tale signs of
non-responsiveness, declaration of love early on, and requesting to visit me, which is close to, if not certainly, impossible.
Below is a letter from the so-called travel agency:

Dear Sir:

You are welcomed by "GALA TOUR" Travel Department.

Our travel department can help any Ukrainian citizen to obtain a tourist visa to visit you in U.S.A. Our company has the special processes for any travel agent in Ukraine. A person obtains a visa interview appointment. I have included
information on our interview appointment process below.
The request should include:
1. The applicant's full name;
2. Date and place of birth;
3. Applicant's e-mail address or full
mailing address which includes the 5 digital postal index for Ukraine.
4. The desired date of the appointment;
5. Planned date of travel to U.S.A.;
Once we receive a request, our agency will schedule an appointment for the next available date and contact the applicant via regular Ukrainian mail to confirm the date. We request 10 working days to process a request for
an appointment from the time we receive the request until a response is sent.

All applicants pay a $100.00 congressionally mandated, non-refundable application fee. They will be provided with an application form of 60
questions, which they should complete, date, and sign.
The requirements to obtain a tourist visa are the following:
- 3 recent pictures 4 x 4 cm
- Foreign Passport <
Cost :$ 100 US
- Round trip ticket Kiev,Ukraine - Seattle,Wash.,USA
Cost vary, it depends on the airline you choose.
Attn: the prices are without airport duties ,which
are usually
of 100$-150$

USD706 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
USD719 American Airlines
USD743 Aeroflot Russian Airlines
USD761 Czech Airlines
USD781 Continental Airlines
USD781 Ukraine International Airlines
USD792 Northwest Airlines Inc
USD792 Air France
USD850 British Airways
USD883 American Airlines
USD898 Czech Airlines
USD902 Ukraine International Airlines
USD902 British Airways
USD902 Ukraine International Airlines
USD902 Continental Airlines
USD902 Ukraine International Airlines
USD977 Northwest Airlines Inc
USD977 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
USD979 Continental Airlines
USD979 Ukraine International Airlines

As soon as the payment is made ,we immediately start arranging papers,it'll take us about 20-25 days. We accept the payment to our bank

Bank information is the following:
Intermediary bank WACHOVIA BANK, NA (USA)
Account No:

Beneficiary's bank 200-297-36
A.Vivulskio ,7Lithuania

Beneficiary acc/ 379080795
name Gnezdilova Marina


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