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Anna (Chueva?)
First name:

Anna (Chueva?)

Last name:
Age: 29
Location details: Kiev, Ukraine
Postal address:
Phone number: +380444132542
E-mail address:


With following lady we agreed to mee in Barcelona and Frankfurt and so I sent her over 600 Euro to following account BENEFICIARY GUKKALLO WLADIMIR NIKOLAYEVICH Lviv, Vitovskogo 7A, 6 6762463373610786 ACC 29244825519104 BANK OF BENEFICIARE KYIV REGIONAL PRIVATBANK, KIEV UKRAINE BRANCH 21-A S.W.I.F.T. code PBANUA2XKIE to buy ticket and come and finally she was disappeared and does not respond on phone calls, e-mails and SMS Name: Anna ID: 7826 Age: 28 Country: Ukraine City: Kiev e-mail : Phone number : +380677469436



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