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Last name: Timoshenko
Age: 32
Location details: odessa ukraine
Postal address: Ludmila Cherdynseva; Heart & Fire Co. Nekrasova str, 6 Odessa 65082 ukraine
Phone number: 38-048-7775462
E-mail address:


Ihave enclosed a letter I received from her I wrote to her on a single site the next thing I know I am being asked for money for translation costs and photo costs.

I did a check on heartafire and found they are all over the websites as a scammer agency and the owner Ludmila Cherdynseva.

Hello john,

I also hope that we will continue our correspondence, as I like you a lot. I find you very interesting person and think we have a lot to talk about. You are wise and considerate man; I don't want to hurt you either and don't want to be hurt myself. I want to discuss one question with you according to our correspondence. You know, that I use translation services in the agency and due to it we can get to know each other. They provide with 5 letters free from both sides. Due to it we had the chance to know each other a bit. But this 5 letters are over soon and further correspondence have to be paid. Also i have to pay for scanning photos. Now i have little debt here, because of photos. It will be very hard for me to pay the services on my own. So, I'll be thankful, if you consider to shoulder or share these expenses with me. Tell me your opinion. I look forward to your reply. Now have a wonderful day.
Yours, Ira

Hello John,

It's nice to hear from you again. Thanks for your photo. How are you?Well, i guess that we both have serious reason for trying it. I think
that bad and good men/women can be everywhere, maybe we just haven't met them and that's why we try outside our countries. I'm glad we started communication with you. You already know that my English leaves much to be desired and I'm glad that it haven't put you off. Now we have the chance to get to know each other, as I can write 5 letters for free. I'll tell you more of myself and my family. My pride is my son, as I
believe your kids for you too. Do you see them often? Unfortunately, I don't have much time to spend with him, but I have wonderful parents, who are always ready to help me and who take a great part in bringing Alihan up. I managed to keep good close relationship to my parents and I'm not embarrassed to ask my mother for
advice. In general my parents is a happy couple. They went hand in hand through life. So, it is example for me what marriage should be like. Unfortunately my own marriage failed, but I haven't lost hope to find my other half and here I am. I think that it's good to learn person inside first. I liked your qualities. As for me, I'm romantic and tender woman, just need the one who will appreciate all the warmth and love, I can give. I'm also loyal to my man, I think it's necessity for successful long lasting relationship.
Please, tell me more about your family. How far do they live from you? Do you meet each other often or just for holidays? What is your favorite way to relax after work? You seem to ave a good work. Do you have official holiday?
I send you few more pictures and hope to hear from you soon.
Take care, Ira


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