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Last name: Sokolova
Age: 25
Location details: Bryansk
Postal address: 907452
Phone number:
E-mail address:


She/he( i don't know) really idiot scammer, she/he sended me this mail:

Hello my darling XXXX
You are so much liked me, that I cannot wait to see you. Today I was in agency of travel. I have buy visa.
And I wanted to buy tickets. But tickets cost 860 USD. It is price with return tickets.
I have get my salary, it is just 500 USD. As you know, teacher in Russia not so rich people.
And I paid 100 USD for visa. Then I paid for tickets my 400 USD. I have no more.
I want to ask you help me to pay for tickets. I have already visa, so I need just a tickets.
Can you pay in agency of travel 460 USD. For me impossible to find this sum.
Darling, I have nobody. Just you can help me. I leave in agency your e-mail, they shall send you information.
I give to you travel agency information.

Travel Freedom
907452 Russia Bryansk
Modestova 36, office 17
Tel: +7 4832 5836295
Fax: +7 4832 5838573

Darling XXXXXX
I am waiting to meet you for a long time. I am realy dreaming about you.
As I told you, trust very important in serious relationship. I want that you trust me. I send you copy of my passport.
Now you can see, how I am serious with you.
Will be waiting for your letter lovely.
Genlte kisses, your Diana


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