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Last name: Nelya
Age: 24
Location details: Ukraine, Poltava (also Lungansk)
Postal address: Ukraine
Phone number:
E-mail address:


A friend of mine was scammed by this woman. I decided to trick her and start emailing her to see if she would try to scam me,too...she did!! I emailed her with beautiful words, and she acted as if she were falling in love after a few letters, sending pictures with each email.
Her 5th letter to me, she began asking for money to pay for translation services, because she claimed she could no longer afford it. She claimed that she worked in a kindergarden with children...this is also a lie--THIS WOMAN IS PORN STAR JANA COVA!!!!

After she sent me the letter asking for money, she told me that I could pay through I went to the website and noticed that she helps run that Nelya Es'kova. When my friend was being scammed by her, she went by Olya(Olga) Polkovnichenko.

After she asked for money, I sent her a lengthy email telling her how angry my friend and I was with her,and that what she does is morally wrong in every way. She sent me an email with only a picture attached...bare-breasted flipping me off.


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