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Last name: Gavrilenko
Age: 18
Location details: Ukraine, Armyansk
Postal address: Ukraine, Armyansk
Phone number:
E-mail address:


I wrote Svetlana, ID: 51011, that I was interested in her, for the first time she sent me her e-mail, I then told her to tell me about herself and she sent me the another letter asking me to pay for her ticket to England to come and see me and that I should first send her ?10,000 before she can see me.
I'm with another dating site which is were you got my e-mail from, when you wrote me I jointed this site hoping to meet someone but most of them just ask for money and most of them are on other site and also been asking for money which is not right.

From:Sveta Gavrilenko <>

For me not a problem and in such ???? I also ask you it
to make it and to me to show! I can arrive in August or
September! You should send me of money for tickets! As
we shall solve in that occasion that you wrote to me? I
wish to tell at once that I do not respect with people
which do not constrain the word!!! You wrote to me that
on the account 10 000 you in advance will be necessary
to me spoke!!!!!!!!!


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