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Last name: Efimova
Age: 27
Location details: Russia, Almetyevsk
Postal address: apt 56,71 The lenin prospectus.423450
Phone number:
E-mail address:


Nadezhda toid me that she was living in USA, she told me to send her some money for her Visa and ticket to come and see me. So I ask her for phone number so I can call her, she said she did not have a phone, I then told her to go to pay phone and give me the number so I can call her, she wrote me back and said she is now in Russia and gave me her address which is above. She sent me some picture and they did not look the same and then she said I should $500.00 for her Visa and ticket. I said before I send her the money I want her to post me her original pictures and she said she did not have it that I should send her the money by western union. She was talking of datingdirect because she was asking for money and she lives in Russia not USA


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