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IRINA, ID-51449
First name:

IRINA, ID-51449

Last name: UNKNOWN
Age: 25
Location details: RUSSIA - PERM
Postal address:
Phone number:
E-mail address:


Irina wrote me a letter saying she loves me and that she wants to have kids and a family with me. She said she want to come and see me in England and that I should send her $800.00 for Visa and ticket. I told her that I will write the British embbasy myself. She said know that someone will do all the travel documemts for her in Russia and that she will see me in a week when I send her the money. I then ask her to send me a copy of her passport and she said she did not have one that she was going to get a new one, for someone who wants to see me in a week, how is that posible without a passport or Visa. She told me she lives in Russia, city Yoshkar-Ola and her name is Anna, on this site she is Irina and lives in the city Perm.
You have to do something about all this fraud because we are paying to meet someone on the site and they are all fraud stars. I have about 200 women asking for money.

PS: The thrid photo belongs to a different person, actually some celebrity woman.


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