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Oksana Akulenko
First name:

Oksana Akulenko

Last name: Alexsandrovna
Age: 26
Location details: tver russia
Postal address: unknown
Phone number:
E-mail address:


Oksana is on this site as Oksana (id=49126) Where she contacted me. Her story is that she has a visa and last year lived in the USA with some guy from Texas , she was looking to return here. After a couple of letters she ask if I could pay for her air fare as she lost all of her savings when she left the USA.

Her contact letter: Hi!

I shall be glad to acquaintance...
Besides I beautiful)) You can be convinced of it if you will answer me... And I shall send you the photo.
If you are interested.... Write on "oxickros(at)" I shall be glad if you will answer me..

Her second letter to me:

hello xxx. it's me from dating site.
i'm very glad that you decided to reply for my message.
i hope that our correspondence will grow to something more...before i will tell you about me i have one request: please read all my letter to the end and only after that make your decision: to reply me or not.
ok... let me introduce myself.
my name is Oksana.
i live in Tver, it is in Russia.
now i know that you have faer question:
why you wrote not real address at dating site?
from 2003 to 2004 years i have been living in usa with man whom i met in the internet and i know about bad reputation of russain women in usa.
i will tell you about why i went back to russia in my next letters.
i'm 27 years old and my birthday is the july 30.
my height is 5.7 and my weight is 115.
i work as the assistant of dentist, terapevt.
well, i would like to know more about your work. dp ypu like yur work? i like my:)
after i began to work as asistent of dentist i was in germany, usa and england. also as i told you i have been living in usa for one year.
have you ever been to other country? if yes, where?
hope you won't have any inconveniences about talking with lady of my age.
in my own experience i know that it is better to to have relations and relationships with man who older then you. so your age doesn't bother me.
now i have some questions for you.
have you ever been married? do you have any children?
if yes tell me more , what there name? send pictures...
about pictures... i attached my picture. hope you will like it. also i would like to know what you think about me , my appearance.
hope you will understand my english and will tell me if something wrong. oh... i forgot to ask you tell me about you family.

hope to hear from you soon

hope you new friend Oksana from Tver, russia

Her third letter: hello my friend xxx!
hope you won't be offended if i will call you so:)
i'm very glad to receive you reply.
how are you doing? hope everything is fine.
thank you for letter about your family.
Thank for pictures! It was interesting to me to see it!
Yes I have the visa now and if you that whom I to search I can arrive to you.
now it is my time to tell you about my family.
ok... i don't have brothers aor sisters.
i had little brother when i was 10 years old,
but we lost him when he was only 2 years.
doctors said that it is was some children Dissise
i don't remember what...
now i live with farther. his name is Vitalij Aleksandrovich and he is 56 years old. he was serving in army and now he is pensioner.
he was colonel and was serving in space forces.
my mother lefft us in 2000 year... it was cancer...
it was very big loss for our family.
my father was itself not the for more then half a year...i have grandmother and grandfather. they are 86 years old.
they are one year:) they met on the Great Patriotic War. (World War II)
they were snipers and served in one shelfs.
they went together from hole war and after war they married. they live near us. only in 50 kilometers from Tver in vilage Ezjovka.on holidays we visit them. they don't want ot live with us in the city because they say that they get used to live in the vilage all there life and that they will live here to the end of there i would like to tell you some mre about myself.
in my free time i like to embroider. also i like to listen to music.i prefer to listen russian popular music. such groups as TATU, Smash and others.
sometimes i go to the cinema with my girlfriend.
also i like to go to the theathre.
now i have some questions for you my friend.
what is your hobby? and... what is your dream? about what are you dreaming?
tell me more.....:

i will write you the day after tomorrow

your new friend Oksana

her forth letter: hi lovely xxx!
You have written to me the letter which have set thinking very much... Car racing it is very dangerous! You thought of it? I start to worry...
And I very much love dogs, but I can not lodge them in my apartment. It is not enough place.
For me the age is not a problem. For me the main thing that the person was good, liked and respected me. You could be it for me? Yes, I too to search the partner in life, the good and kind husband, I the tender and gentle girl and love care, if so I can give many times more care and love. Yes, I have the visa.... But I have lost all savings when has left the USA then... And I do not have money for purchase of the ticket.
So, if we the friend for the friend, I shall be glad!

Her fifth letter: Hi my lovely xxx!
I checked flights on 17 number.
It will be cost tickets 1200 $.
Start from the Sheremetyevo a notch. In the evening I shall be at you.
Concerning the visa. If we shall decide that I can remain with you we can prolong the visa in USA?
And the main question! You believe me now?
You will send me money or to buy it?
So. You know my full name and I think there will be no problems.
I wait the answer!

- - - - - - - -
I just received this from Oksana is there any truth to this ?do you know ?

Hi! Lovely xxx!!!!
I have a telephone card for the international connection. It operates across all Russia. And I caused you by phone of the airport.
Simply I enter a code and I collect your number.
I had to change the ticket because I could not take off to you without an economic guarantee.
My start will be tomorrow. Flight and airlines has remained same.
But the start will be on July, 18 at 2:40 pm and arrival to you at 5:00 am on July, 19.
I should receive money till 1:00 pm tomorrow to have time to pass the control over planting.
Please do not throw me!!! I am very much upset! I the first time in such situation!!! It is hard for me!!! I want to be with you! It is hard for me now!
I wait your answer!

- - - - - - - -

It appears now that Oksana is truly a scammer as she called me at 2:30 AM telling me she was in Moscow (11:30 AM her time) and need 1000.00 dollars or they wouldn't let her get on the plane, her flight was suppose to leave at 3:00 PM her time. She said this money was needed to prove she had finances to make the trip. The catcher was she or who ever she is called me three times over the last couple of weeks and each time from the same phone number 8901310837 which she told me was a public phone, twice from Tver she says and the last from Moscow where she said she was and had just found out she need the 1000.00 to be allowed to make the trip.


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