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Age: 22
Location details: Nizniy Novgorod, Russia
Postal address:
Phone number:
E-mail address:;


I have been using your site for a while now & I have to say that it’s very good & I have met one of the girls from your site in person last month in Moscow.
It great that you try hard to weed out the scammers.
I have also used some of the other sites on the net, like “” but found that site to have a very high number of scammers on it. I know it must be very hard to stop this, but I would like to bring to your attention, a girl who is new on your site.

This girl is under the profile name of “sweetElena 23320” I meet this girl on “”

We wrote to each other for quite a while & I have about 10 photos of her.
I have here personal email & mobile phone number:


She told me all the usual stuff, that oh yes she want to be with me & she is in love with me.
So I said great lets meet, I’m coming to Moscow for some business. She then she need $250.00 a month for her sick mother.
I told her I’m sorry but I won’t send any money to a girl I haven’t met yet. But would you like to come & visit me in Moscow & then we can get to know each other, She said get ok, but you have to send me $ 500.00 so I can get a passport & by a ticket to get to Moscow….
I hope you are starting to see my point here….
So I new she was on the take, as I know that is dose not cost any where near that much to get a national passport which she most likely has & it dose not cost that much to flight from her city to Moscow (her city is only 1 hour away from Moscow)
So I offered to fly to her city to meet her.
We are doing planning this all over the phone by the way.
Next thing I know she would not answer the phone from my number, & when I used a different number she hung up.
So I think yes this girl is a scammer!!!


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