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Natalia Mochalova
First name:

Natalia Mochalova

Last name: Mochalova
Age: 29
Location details: Russia, Mary El Republic, Volzhsk
Postal address: Street River 56-6
Phone number:
E-mail address:


Beware of this Scammer!!!
This Girl wrote me for 6 months and she scamm me 450.00 dlls. For a Mexican Visa.
In the last letter I received she ask me for more, she ask me for 1,500.00 dlls. After I Question her about her papers she just stop writing. The faked passport she send is a photoshop job.
Here is her last letter:

To: "Eduardo Ahedo" <>
Subject: Hi my dear xxx!!!
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 10:14:43 +0400
Return-Path: <>

Hi my dear Eduardo!!!
Forgive my dear that I could not write to you yesterday - forgive my
lovely!! I yesterday all the
day long to be very much borrowed - I to speak you what to go in Moscow on interview there such big
turn and I almost all the day long to stand to wait and only after a dinner could pass on interview
to the secretary of embassy which carried out interview!! xxx road I have 2 news - one good another bad - if fairly I at all do not know with which to start!! I shall start with good - my interview to
pass very well and even lady from embassy to praise me for my English guage and to tell that
there are no problems and that I to receive the visa in 12-12 days!!
But she still to ask me as I shall confirm the credit the status - I to not understand her and she to explain to me that all driving in Mexico should have on hands of money at the rate of 50 dollars day - she means to ask to how and confirm my credit the status for 30 days these are 1500 dollars!! I to not go mad nearly for such news - I to ask her really it is impossible without it but she to tell that it
necessarily!!!! Forgive it bad news yes my lovely?? Forgive I completely nothing to know about it!! You what to know about it my lovely Eduardo??? My lovely lady in embassy to tell that I only to show this money in embassy for that to do the visa and I to bring to you this money back!!
Forgive me my dear xxx but to me again to have to ask your help!!!
My lovely now I to make a copy of my international passport - quality to turn out bad but to hope
that it to not prevent!!
Now my lovely I to go home by train - lovely to me 12 hours are necessary to go by train
approximately - Moscow to be from me about 650 kms!!
Tomorrow I shall wait for your letter!!!
I love you mine Eduardo and I only yours for ever!!
Whole it is gentle your Natalia!!

Content-Type: image/jpeg; name=PASPORT_Bel copy3.jpg
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=PASPORT_Bel copy3.jpg

PASPORT_Bel_copy3.jpg, 287 x 400


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