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Age: 26
Location details: Russia - Ioshkar Ola
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This girl ask for my photo, but I already sent it in my previous letter. She asks questions but answers are written in my profile on this site.

In her second letter, she already talk about a very bad story and try to make me ready to send money. I think this is a scammer.

Here is her second letter.

----- Original Message -----
From: <>
Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2006 10:02 PM
Subject: Re[2]: hello from Anastasia!

> Hello XXX!
> hi Samuel If you will allow, I shall shortly answer your questions, and I shall gradually tell in more detail. Ok?
> 1) I work as the teacher of Russian at school. I teach for children in the age of from 7 till 12 years.
> 2) Yes, I was abroad. Egypt, Turkey, India.
> 3) I am disappointed with men of Russia and many times did mistakes. I want to find the person from other country. With other ideas on a life, with other culture and customs. I study people in detail
> , Because I very seriously concern to the search.
> 4) I know English, a little German.
> 5) I have higher education. I have left with distinction school and institute.
> 6) Unfortunately I do not have driving licence, but I am able to go by the machine and on a motorcycle. Soon I wanted will receive rights, but I can not find time in any way.
> 7) The main qualities: sincerity, trust, honesty, diligence, love to children, kindness, decency.

XXX, I should tell to you something and ask to you some questions, answers on which are very important for me.
> I hope to hear from you the truth. Thanks you beforehand.
> I the fair and sincere girl who seriously is engaged in searches of the future husband. The main thing that he trusted me was sincere and never lied! This most important.
> About three months ago I has got acquainted through the Internet with the man. he has seemed to me decent and fair. On a photo he has been very well dressed and looked as the person of whom I always dreamed. I have fallen in love with him at first sight. He has invited me to itself to Australia. I have with the great pleasure agreed, because trusted him. I have collected all savings and money, which were in Bank, I have asked all familiar in a duty.
> I have arrived to Australia with the big expenses, very much exhausted because me did not pass at customs house, there were inconveniences in the plane...
> I have arrived to the airport, but nobody has met me. You do not imagine, as I felt myself... And what ideas were at me in a head. I have felt that have thrown me. I have stayed at the airport about 12 hours, but anybody and has not come. I was in this country for the first time and knew nothing. Then I have taken the ticket on a way back. I till now pay off with duties, and that person so it is more to me and did not write. It is very hurt me!
> Now I have decided that I shall never spend all money for trip to the man. I shall pay only that money which at me are. I shall not borrow money from somebody. Never! Second time I do not want to be mistaken. So if in the future you are not going to help to arrive to me to you we have nothing to talk more. Excuse me, but I so have decided.
> I hope that you understand that your money not the main thing for me. The main thing that we trusted each other. I shall trust you if you will agree to send me the missing sum of money when it will be necessary at trip to you.
> 1) How you imagine our future meeting?
> 2) Where you work and whether enough for you the finance to support the future family without problems?
> 3) You have children? Sometime there was a wife?
> 4) On your intentions how many are serious? You search a marriage?
> 5) Came to me please your photo. I want to see the person with whom I talk.
> 6) Tell what your character. Quick-tempered, counterbalanced, patient, constrained, timid....?
> Thanks that you have read all closely.
> I shall tell about myself in the following letter after you will answer all questions.
> Yours faithfully. Anastasia.


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