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Last name: Ivanova
Age: 27
Location details: Orenburg or Cheboksary
Postal address: unknown
Phone number: unknown
E-mail address:


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Some of the love letters:

Hello my new friend. We very much far apart, but I hope, that it not a
problem for you. I wish to find the future husband for myself. I hope
you search for the wife and we necessarily shall meet sometime. So,
How are you? Thanks, that you to answer my letter is fast. I hope that
we correspondence will give us chance for the joint future.
Unfortunately I have no computer of the house and I can not write to
you every day. Today I send you only the short letter. I would not
have a lot of time what to write the long letter. I send you some the
photos. I hope it it is pleasant to you. If I like you you to answer
my letter. Tomorrow I shall write to you the long letter and I shall
tell about myself.

Hello! As are you today. I hope, you are good. Excuse, that I have
written the small letter yesterday. I had a lot of work. I write to
you from the Internet-cafe. I have season ticket here and I can use a
computer 4 hours per week. It it is enough what to write to you. I
have written to several men and have received answers. I wish to be
frank with you. I correspond now with five men. BUT I plan to choose
one and will meet face to face. In the following letter I shall tell
to you sad history from my life. Once I had a meeting with foreign
man. I not first time would use the Internet what to find good man.
Now I shall tell to you about myself. First the description :) ' am 28
years. My birthday on February, 20th, 1978. I have gray-blue eyes and
blonde hair. You can see it in my photos. You liked my last photos? My
growth of 170 centimeters 5,6 foots) my weight of 50 kg (110 pounds).
I know, of what you think Why she to not find the husband in Russia?
It is a good question. I shall write to you in the following letter on
my mutual relations with men. You can answer this question itself. I
was born in the city of Buzuluk, but now I live in city Orenburg. It
is large city here again many opportunities for good work. This city
very far from Moscow or Saint-Petersburg. I think it of 2000
kilometers or more. I have education the ecologist, but now I work the
cosmetician. Be not surprised, it is a usual Russian incident! The
best years of my life it is study in institute. I studied in Moscow.
Once the institute has organized for us a practice in the USA. I and 4
more students went in " Glacial national park " and " Yellowstone
National Park ". It is in state of Montana. And still I bought in the
USA excellent jeans :). Now I have some questions for you. Tell to me
about yours a way of life. Tell to me about your city. It is very
interesting to me. If you have children that it not a problem for me.
I very much to love children and I hope to have children sometime. You
were married? What All of you still wish to know about me? Probably my
English not so good and I hope it will not be a problem for our
dialogue. I cannot probably understand some words. I hope to receive
your answer soon.


Hello my dear! I am very glad to receive your letter and now I answer
you. This great pleasure for me. Now in Russia the middle of summer.
Weather very good. Today I work also I have very small lunch break. I
would use it what to write letter to you. I wish to tell still to you
about myself. Now I live single in an apartment in Orenburg. It is a
small apartment and I to rent it. A good apartment expensive for me.
Orenburg very good city, but here all very much expensive. I should
work very difficultly for residing. I wish to tell to you about my
work. I come to 8 o'clock in the morning and I come into the cabinet.
I have small cabinet. Very respectable :) At once the meeting at
director begins. It approximately 10 minutes. Then I should bypass a
trading hall and examine all goods. I have very much greater
responsible work. I operate 5 sellers of cosmetics. Every day I should
make the report on promotion of goods. I am engaged in statistics of
sale and advertising. Probably it is boring to you to listen about my
work? Sometimes I speak superfluous. I very easily concern to money.
Probably I am too careless. I when it does not manage to save
superfluous money. Money really it is not important for me. I want
will find man which to love me. Rich or poor it is not important. Main
thing love and trust. Write me, that you think of love man and women.
What main thing in mutual relations? I think the main thing it is
love, trust and harmonious sex. You to agree with me??? It is
important question for me! I have higher ecological education. I have
finished the Moscow university. I worked in several works to Buzuluk
city, but it hopeless. Only in Orenburg I could find good work. I wish
know about your life more. You have a hobby? You like sports? What? I
am able to play on the piano a little. Parents guide me in musical
school. What season is pleasant to you more? Winter or summer? I like
summer. I hope has not tired you the jabber. I wait for your following
letter. I very much like to receive your letters.


Hello my dear man! I with impatience waited your letter. I very much
worry when I check my mail box. I wish to receive letters from you. It
is very pleasant for me. What mood? What feelings have you in soul.
You recollect about me??? Excuse, that I at once have so much
questions. I have very much become bored. It is pleasant to me to read
your letter. This most good time of day when I go to the Internet of
cafe and I read your letter. I wish to know about you all! O, no, I
not intelligencer 007, I bachelor girl :). For me very important
friendship of two people. The friendship is a frank dialogue and
common interests. Friendship is an exchange of souls, an exchange of
feelings. Love very similar on friendship, but two loving souls
incorporate in one. If person is jealous loved or regrets to him of
something is not love. For me attitudes with the person very much
mean. And for you? What people mean for you? When people begin to love
you how you concern to them? Once again forgive me for a heap of
questions. Is very little things which me irritate in men. It is not
pleasant to me when men much to drink alcohol. It is possible to drink
a little what to relax after heavy work or on a holiday. It is a lot
of men in Russia drink litre vodka every day. It is horror! It enrages
for me. :( I do not smoke. To me it is indifferent if man smokes. I
think very well, that we write each other letters. It will allow us
well study each other. If I meet man in Russia face to face that he
sees only my body. I try to tell and he looks at my breast. He thinks:
how to drag her in bed. It is not pleasant to me also. I would want
that you correctly understood me. I adore sex. Sex with favourite man
is more pleasant in 10 times. But I would want that man appreciated my
soul. This most important for me. By the way, in bed I wild a cat. You
not sick heart? Otherwise sex with me will end with a heart attack. It
is a joke :) But I am good not only in bed, but also on kitchen. It is
traditional for my family. All our women very well cook. What cuisine
is pleasant to you? You taste that or from Russian cuisine? So,
advertising is finished :) also to me it is necessary to come back to
work. I shall wait your following letter and your photos.

Yours Anna

Hello my dear Andrew! Today I checked my e-mail and I found your
letter. I am happy :) And I with great pleasure write to you. Now we
have very good weather. Always sun and a warm wind. In Russia now it
is very bad to live. Very many terror. In southern parts Russia bird's
flu is found out. I very much worry about it. A life difficult, but I
belief in goods. I optimist. Yesterday I letter from parents has come.
Mum writes what soon receive a new apartment. They call me to
themselves to Buzuluk. But I remain here. I wish find way to lives. I
very much love my parents. They are most good people on all Earth.
They always help me. Sometimes I take old letters from parents and I
re-read it. I at once have many forces for work and lives. Probably
you think that I am very sentimental? Probably it is truth. I still
wish to tell to you about myself a little. I have gray-blue eyes and
blonde hair. You saw my photos? I like you? Certainly I like! :) My<br />
favourite color dark blue and yellow. I very much like roses. I think
when men gives woman flowers it maximum demonstration of love. It is
fine! I spoke you that little bit to play on the piano. I like
classical music. If I " fond kitten " to that listen Mozart if I "
destroying volcano " to that listen Wagner. What music is pleasant to
you? You go to listen to alive music? Anybody from my former boyfriend
is not pleasant alive music. I dream to go on a concert with my loved
man. Probably it is silly dream? I have no plans of travel to the USA,
but these plans can appear. I too wish to meet you soon. I can arrive
to you. He seem to me kind and loving man. We have agreed to meet and
he has arrived in Orenburg. I at once have understood that it
absolutely other person. Does not remain to tenderness and cares from
letters. He was rough and always spoke that I should sleep with him. I
had a shock. Probably in England all girls are engaged in sex at once,
but I not such! We were together three days. He has understood, that I
to not give him sex and have left. Probably I am too naive. After that
I have made the big research on the Internet and have understood, that
he sex-tourist. I regret that him it was not close. I would scratch
him all impudent muzzle. I hope has not frightened you! Meow, I adore
sex, but only on love. You remember, I wrote to you about five men?
Now you have remained one. One man has suggested me to arrive to the
USA again and to be act in a porno film. He very happy person as I
cannot thrust keyboard in his thick bum. I have drawn some conclusions
for myself. I to not give the phone number and to not publish it on a
site. I have specified a false surname on a site of acquaintances. To
you I can tell my full name Anna Zamanova. Sometimes it seems to me,
that I am very unhappy. Why I cannot find true love? It is a
rhetorical question. Maybe it my destiny? You trust in destiny?
Probably my letter has tired you. Tell me, you easily understand my
letters? I very much worry about my English language. Now I should go.
I shall wait for your letter soon.

Yours Anna


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