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Last name: Tatyana
Age: 26
Location details: Kazan
Postal address: Friendship 45, apartments 78
Phone number:
E-mail address:


She sent me a mail every day during 1 week
I can send you all with date if you want
She asked me money on the lastest :
Mail NUMBER 6: posted to me : 16th august 2006
Hello my the most favourite XXX
I could not answer you during some time because I searched for the information on that as I could arrive to you, also at me mum was ill and I should arrive and visit her. I was very glad a meeting with my mum and I have told to her about you. She very strongly was delighted.
When I spoke her that I probably to you shall come and that we shall live together with you. She spoke me that will be very happy, if I shall come to you. I showed her your photo and you have very much
liked her. I was in travel agency, and to me have told that I can arrive to you. For this purpose it will be necessary for me to make the visa from the very beginning. This most important because without
the visa of me will not let out from the country. To me have told that that has received this visa to me it is necessary to pay with all taxes and duties a total sum of 789 US dollars. I thought of it much
and have understood that I am not capable to pay for it itself. And I will need a lot of time to have all sum of money on hands. I should pay for an insurance policy, many a medical information and still very
big taxes, also for services to travel agency. All together it costs 789 dollars. I could arrive to you, whether but I should ask you you can help me with money because I shall not consult one. I wait from
you for the answer soon. I hope that all will be good.
With the big love Tatyana.

Mail NUMBER 7: posted to me : 21st august 2006
Hello my dear XXX
I am glad that you have written to me. I wait for each your letter with the big impatience. It is very pleasant for me to receive the new letter from you. I very much frequently think of you almost all free
time and I think as we with you we shall be happy when we shall be together. I am very glad that you can to help me. Certainly I allow to you the address and my name if you ask it:

Tatyana Rozhentsova
country: Russia
city: Kazan
street: Friendship 45, apartments 78
If you will help me with money I is sure that we with you shall are very happy to be together. We shall spend very fine time with you together and after an our meeting I am sure we we learn more and we shall grow fond each other and then nobody can separate and destroy us with you our love. I want to tell to you that than earlier you will help me with money to those earlier I can arrive to you and to be with
you together. I ask let's not delay our meeting and we shall make all quickly as I cannot wait for a long time for this fine day of an our meeting. I hope that you will understand me. I wait with impatience of
your letter.
Yours Tatyana.

Mail NUMBER 8: posted to me : 22nd august 2006
Hello my dear XXX
I am glad that you again have written to me. I with impatience waited for your letter. I want to tell to you that that if I even shall inform you a phone number of travel agency in which I shall make all
necessary for my trip to you they to you all the same anything there will not tell as I at all did not start to make at them documents. If I him shall bring money and I shall give them then I can informs you all. For now I still at all have not solved in what agency I all this I shall make. I simply descended in the nearest travel agency and hav? learned how many all this will cost and informed you. If you really
love me and want that I have arrived to you that you to me will help with money and we with you shall be together. I simply now do not understand why you do not trust me. I hope that you will understand
me. I wait with impatience of your letter.
Yours Tatyana.

Mail NUMBER 9: posted to me : 23rd august 2006

Hello my dear XXX
I am glad that you have written to me. I am very much disappointed with you!!! You similar at all do not trust me!!! My dream was find the person on which I always I can to rely and he will always trust me. And you there is completely not such person which to me was necessary. I allow to you last chance!!!! If you help me with money through the Western Union that I without problems I arrive to you and we with you shall be happy together, differently I want to tell to you that can simply forget and not write about me to me absolutely. Yours Tatyana.


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