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Oksana Bakum
First name:

Oksana Bakum

Last name: Oksana
Age: 26
Location details: Ukraine, Lugansk
Postal address: Lenina, 38
Phone number:
E-mail address:;


This member (No one can be sure she's a woman) is asking for money after two e-mails. First she reply, second she awares you she don't speak English and she's using a transaltor, and third she wants to keep in touch desperately but she has no money for translation and/or scanning new pictures.
Please be aware of this kind of people. Never, I say, never send money.
Below some examples:

Thank you for your attention. I really appreciate that someone who so
far from me never forget and show his attention. It is very pleasant to hear from you and sometimes I feel so nice and good feelings about you. I really want to know you. But in a slow careful way because I do not want to make pain for you. Thank one more time for being with me I adore reading words written by you.
Today I am really tired because of my work. I am a trade manager and this means that I always have to be ready. But nothing could stop me
and my willingness to write you. Strange feeling but I often fend my thoughts going towards you. I am thinking over where you are? What are you doing at the moments. What are you thinking about? I have plenty
of tenderness and love in my heart. And you helps me to feel this deeply. Because I am already trying to share it with you through my letters. I am looking for really special person and you seem to be
him. I would like to devote my life to the carrying man who will not be able to live without me. I want to know many things about you and I hope that it will not divert you from something important. What do you
think about Ukranian women? Do you want to have family? Tell me some your secrets. When we feel that we are ready to share secrets with each other it will be a good sign.

I am looking for serious, peaceful and happy relationship. Actually I was never light-minded. I think that loving and family atmosphere is
necessary for bringing up children. And I wan to have them one day. Of course, if my future beloved wouldn't mind it. I have many dreams about you. But now it is still a secret. I hope that one day my dreams come true and no more secrets stay between us. I'll be looking forward to your letter. Take care Oksana

next letter:
Dear !

It is very sad for me to write this letter to you because I am afraid that this letter will be the last. I did not want to hurt you and play with your feelings but I can not afford myself to correspond with you as it costs me big money. My account at the translating firm which I pay is running out. And this brings to my heart a horrible pain. But I do not see another way out.
It would be just great if I could continue relationships with you because I really like you and I always had a hope that one day we would be able to meet and move our relationships to another stage and
grow into something serious and beautiful. I really wanted to get acquainted with you closer and become very special to each other. But fate turns against us and stands a huge wall between us.Please I do not want to lose you because you are very dear to me and it is very interesting for me to correspond with you. Please help me if you also have an interest in our relationships.
Yours Oksana

And the last one:
Dear !

Thank you for your offer. I will except it! Actually this message are unpaid. I do not want to loose our communication. Because I like you.
I burn with shame because I have to ask you about this. If you are able to make up my account you can send me as much as you want. One letter costs 5$ without photos. I do not have bank account. It is not
in use in our country. Only a small percent of people can allow themselves to have bank accounts.
You ask me if I am real? I am as real as you are. And all my words written to you very sincere.
There some tariffs and it is possible to save some money - translation services are provided without any limitations, scanning or printing photos are not included in. It costs 150 USD; translation services are
provided without any limitations, scanning or printing photos are included in. It costs 200 USD.

My full name is Oksana Bakum, my address is Lenina, 38, Lugansk, 91000 Ukraine. You can send money through the WESTERN UNION SYSTEM.
I like you very much, please do not forget me. If you will reuse to do this I will understand you. Please forgive me that I did not inform you about this earlier. But I did not play with your feelings. I
really like you. I hope that you will understand this.Your


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