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Age: 26
Location details: Moscow/Kirov
Postal address: None
Phone number: None
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Well she contacted me after seeing my ad here I think. She really seemed real as she said she had a proper job working as a landscape designer. To make it even real, she sent me pictures of some gardens, fountains, etc designed by her. Well, we sent a few emails back and forth. As in the case of most of spammers(they r so F---in stupid), she would reply to my emails without answering any questions, no subject and later no pictures either. Eventually, we spoke about meeting. She wanted to come and visit me and here comes the bang...I must send her cash for tickets. I sent her mails asking her phone number (how come some women have no phone, neither does any of their friends?!), but I never got it. She kept on insisting that I should send her money by Western Union as USD 400 was nothing for me:) I refused and proposed buying her ticket by creditcard and asked her agents phone number, but again she ignored my question...finally I told her she was a scam and I never heard from her agin. Be careful as she is out there and would be hunting for teh next target!


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