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Last name: not known
Age: 23
Location details: Kazan
Postal address: not known
Phone number: not known
E-mail address:


Has contacted twice, in Feb 06 and august 06.Using same IP address as several other 'Russian Ladies'( )
Forgets facts she has already supplied, age, profession etc.
Sends differen photos. When asked becomes very agressive, denioes and says that I am a liar!
also uses email as :

ID: 54403
Age: 23
Country: Russia
City: Kazan
Hello I have seen your questionnaire on a site of acquaintances and you have liked me. and kind the man. To me like such men as you. you want to learn each other closer write to me on e-mail:
n/a/d/i/a/_/2/3/m/at/m/a/i/l/dot/r/u/ is mine e-mail to you simply it is necessary to remove these marks "/" andyou will turn out my original e-mail. You may write to me



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