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Last name: Naumova
Age: 24
Location details: Bryansk, Russia
Postal address: Bryansk
Phone number:
E-mail address:


It appears they work out of Bryansk. The visas are all forgeries . I have had this confirmed from the British Embassy in Moscow

We live in cosy apartment in Bryansk, there are three inhabited rooms, kitchen, balcony and a bathroom. I have my own room. I have a cat. His name is Barsik. I am a only child in our family. Name of my father is Victor, he is 52 years old and he works as a master on factory. My mother's name is Sveta, she is 47 years old. She does not work now, already some years she is housekeeping. We like each other, sometimes we are going out somewhere. In summer we go on a beach and on fishing. During winter period of time we are going for a skating and a skiing. It is a good time for me. In private life I have emptiness. Till now I cannot find the considerable person. Therefore I have send my profile in service acquaintances. Probably here I can find person who will be love me, appreciate and understand. It is not important for me his financial situation and work which he makes. I have specified in a structure that I search more older man because I think, that person who has lived enough years, already has experience and has knows many things about our life and can appreciate women.

Darling, can you send 480 USD to agency of travel to my agent of travel. I leave to her your e-mail address and she will send to you all nessesary information.
This is address of agency of travel.

TravelCom, 986523, Bryansk, Russia, Lenina 15, office 21
Phone: +7 (495) 913-27-11, Fax: +7 (495) 913-27-13, E-mail:


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