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Age: 26
Location details: Kirov, Russia
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Lovely I is very glad to receive your letter. Lovely I is very glad that you want to speak by with me to phone. Lovely but the matter is that I have no phone and consequently I cannot give you a phone number. I hope with you all well.Lovely, I want to ask you about the favor. Simply I think that you know what life in Russia. And as it is not easy to earn the big sum of money here. My wages of 80 dollars in a month. And so, wages at us in the country small, and the prices for everyone lift. So if you generous and decent your help will be appreciable for us.The Internet in Russia road. And trunk calls are even more dear. SO I want to ask for you not many money what to pay all these services.If you can help me 210 dollars have left to me somewhere. This money to me will suffice approximately on 5 bells to you, and for a month of to go to Internet - cafe every day. I understand as me not conveniently to ask money you,And I shall understand you if you will give up to me in it. In fact here there is nothing such, I shall understand all.Lovely, I beforehand thank you.
Love to you.
Yours Natasha


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