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Last name: Asunshines
Age: 26
Location details: Yoshkar-Ola,Russia
Postal address: Yoshkar-Ola,Russia
Phone number:
E-mail address:
ICQ: 1216781
Webpage: Look In Your New Members Gallery


This Lady Member Emailed Me Two weeks ago,sending me her email,she demanded monies from me to come to my country england,kept emailing me,until i told her no more,your rules state to report any such scammers,it says in your rules,ladies requesting monies from men from europe to be reported to you,i want this woman named and shamed,because she is a false lady looking for love and marriage on your site too,found out she is married on site she has 2 children,in her profile on your site she stated in her email to this male genuine member she contacted she had no children and was genuinly single,remove this lady before some poor other member gets unjustly defrauded of her treacherous lies-thankyou,mr j.balfour


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