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Last name: Richardson
Age: 28
Location details: United States, Los Angeles
Postal address: Los Angeles
Phone number:
E-mail address:


She is listed as living in LA, USA. I started chatting with her and it turns our she/he is living in Nigeria. Same scammer story as always. Dad dead and mother dont want to know her and stepdad tried to rape her. Sad sad story. I can mail it to you. Prefab stuff. After 2 days she starts asking for money to pay her landlord and then if i would give her money for a ticket to Denmark. Its not the first time i meet a scammer and this is as clear as glass. Please stop this person before a weak or unexperienced person falls into this trap. The picture you have under the profile.

Here is what she wrote me in an email after chatting with her for 15 min:

i am 28 from ca in la in usa but now in nigeria with my mum ever since i lost my dad. i am a nice and good looking girl .It was when my dad came to us 4 a bussines trip that he meet my mum in nigeria and day both fell in love and got marrid and gave birth to me my dad had to go back to us and i and my mum had to live in nigeria when i was 10 and me and my mum had to live nigeria to meet my dad in usa we live in usa 4 10 years me and my mum be 4 my mum and my dad divorced so me and my mum had to leave usa to live in nigeria when i was 21 i told my mum i will like to go and see my dad i do all i can do to get the money to go back to us to see my dad i stay there for 4 years i lost my dad when i was 25 so when i could not cope there so i had to live us to go back to nigeria to meet my mum when i got to nigeria my mum was allready marrid to another man and she told me she did not want me to be with her that i should go and find my life well i lived with her 4 some time and one day the man that my mum get marrid to aks me 4 sex an i told him no becos i told him no that i will never have sex with him so he went to tell my mum that i was trying to have sex with him so my mum belived him so she then told to move out of her house i tried to beg but she never belived me she told me to go and find my own life and told me she did not want to see me no more so i left. well there is noting i can do i had to move from her and i met the good friend that i have be living with 4 now she is really nice and she is the one helping me in all i need becors i lost my job but now she is getting married soon so i have to find my life and now i am looking 4 a man that can love me 4 who i am a man that can love me and take good care of me a man that i will live with 4 the rest of my life..........o hope u understand me i have not seen a life had like this the way my life is . well i will like to know if u are really interested and serious in getting to know more about me.
looking up to here from u soon
Diana cares


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