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Age: 24
Location details: Kazan,Russia
Postal address: Kazan,Russia
Phone number:
E-mail address: ;


marishka (on this site) id 24160) has written me some day before under the nick elena id 24426
2 diffrent names from the same person...

greetings heinz

letter from elena:

Hi My full name Elena, to me 28 years. I live in city Kazan which is not far from Moskoy. My city very beautiful, especially in the winter.
I shall describe the soul.? me gentle tender character a little, I very much like tender and romantic people, me Those people which like give the love up to the end would be Are devoted to the love up to the end of the days, I search sincere And infinite love, I would be
devoted to the future husband Also would create the family center,would love children and would give All heat and caress, to me it would be very pleasant for them if you appear such person. I have parents
mum and daddy and the brother. To me without differences I think what age of the person that the most important is soul of the person instead of
his appearance. I hope as you think flew. I do not need in the translator I well I know English. The brief description of me I hope that it will interest you. With impatience I wait from you for the answer. P.s. I with pleasure shall send you my photos, I hope that
they will like you.

now the letter with her nick marishka

int this letter, her dad is dead !!

I have liked to see yours profill, I am very happy, that if you have decided to write To me. I was born in city of Kazan of republic Tatarstan, I live with Mum the father at me was not present, it was broke by the machine when I was small. I work in hospital as the children's doctor because I very strongly love children as well as they me, the salary certainly small but to live it is possible. I hope that ours Attitudes will have development, and I would like it, our attitudes could do us Happy, and we could have Family, if we learn,that we to come nearer to each other,it - my purpose.
You probably want to know, why I wanted To search liked through InternetI want to ask to inform, that I need in male, which Is capable to Have many ideas and which would be the fine husband. And it will be normal
The person whom has opinion, has Feelings, noble, for me it is more important than external beauty. And
For you? Simply I once again do not want to be thrown because it did not want To have children. I would like, that you you knew, that I am very romantic, also I like to think of it, I I have a picture, we with you At the coast, full darkness and only stars would have light what to give it to us, we We have walk, we have many<
Conversation and it are pleasant for us to have dialogue, with each other we take pleasure
In it, and then we Enter the house, and it is good us. I like to have dreams for me it very well, and you
To like to dream? I Hope, that you have learned a little about me and if it was pleasant to read this letter to you, and To you to Want the same attitude, that I shall be pleased to see your answer soon. I would be It is pleased, if you could write to me
As it is a little about itself it is



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