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Last name: NA
Age: 23
Location details: Azov and Moscow
Postal address: NA
Phone number:
E-mail address: NA


Hi !

Regarding Elena id=59805
Is this lady a scamer ? Or for all that I now a missused picture bellonging to someone inoccent ?
She contacted me trough your site. I answered politely as I use to do, but at the same time informing her aboutthat I have received several messages from scam ladies and that I hoped she wasn't one of them.<
( I have never sent as much as a penny, and they ar easy to spot generally ).
Since then I have not heard from her.
Of course it could be because she just lost interest in me, but then I find the same picture that is used on your site on another site, along with a few other pics of her. Just that there her name is not Elena, but Irina. And her age is not 27 but 23.
She's not from Azov, but from Moscow and height is changed from 168 cm to 180 cm.
Take a look by your self:

Harald Eide


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