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Last name: KOTUKHA
Age: 24
Location details: LUGHANSK, Ukraine
Postal address: unkown
Phone number:
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Hello again my Love!

I am so glad that everything is ok, and it really seems that I am sleeping now. You are taking care not only of me and also taking care of my mum and dad. Thank you for everything, when I gave 100 to my mum she even didn't know what to say and didn't want to take at all, but I told her to buy some warmer coat for autumn , she told that she would better pay half of the bills for the flat. So, again she is without a coat and still much bills, here in ukraine the problems are always and everywhere with you. So, never think any more about scams. Forget that bad story with you, I am here and you are here for me as well and we will be always together with you. You are my famiily already now, my feelings to you are growing more and more. I know I have too many problems here and I need much, but I told you all that before and you agreed to write to me and now want me still. I am very happy.
So, my Love, now lets talk about the money.
I paid 200 dollars for the passport.
I sent 200 dollars to Dad to Moscow and gave 110 to Mum , and spent here for me, for I-net and mum's trip back 70 dollars. I have 420 now, a bit less.
If of course you allow I will buy here the cheapest coat for mum and leave 50 dollars for food till dad return. That will be around 130 dollars, will you allow me to do this? if not, i will understand , you
already did much to me and I can't ask for more. And as for me I will wait till i be with you to buy the coat, I will now be in a jcket, it is left too little and hope I won't get a cold .I hate winters when you need to have warm clothes and they are so expensive here.
I told you everything, so what should I do? I will come again here in somne time to check if I have news from you.
Kiss you, and wait for your news,
Your Yana.

Hello My Dearest and the Only man,
I wrote a letter to you yesterday in the evening. Have you received it? I send it once more.
Here it is in red.
Hello My Dearest Man, My sweetes Angel. I am able to write onbly now as my neighbours flooded my and their flat today and I tried to save the things and the carpet today and not to let water to go down to
the next floor. that was really terrible but it seemed that we coped but we are without water now as if we turn it on then the tubes will leak again.
i now will discuss with you your letter. I am glad now today to hear your decision about sending the money to my Dad as I did that today in the morning, i sent 200 dollars to him, and gave 100 to Mum
that she has something to eat now.
And I did that without asking you and I am glad that today you offered the same. I hope you are really not against , I am thankful to you for this, as my heart was acking a lot about my parents, and looking at Mum in a jacket only when it is 10 degrees only is terrible as well.
As for the trip, I understand that was really very expensive but I saw that with my eyes that in the I-net site.
But I saw now again another flight and it is really only 880 dollars as we saw earlier, it is for the 26th of October with Alitalia lines through Milan. Is this ok? 880 dollars? Oh, I am so in a hurry with
pli> everything, will we be in time to book the tickest as Monday is 23rd already? Will you be in time with everything?
Please, write now, and I then in half an hour will go home as I am also in a jacket and fgeel cold already even in the cafe.

I am waiting now, may be you can write or may be not.
I kiss you,
Your Yana
I am waiting for your news, impatiently.
Your Yana

XXXXX, I am so sad and just with my thoughts all mixed after reading
your letter.You do not trust, do not believe in me. XXXXX, please, throw away all the bad thoughts. I am telling you all the truth, I have never lied
and I am afraid of making sins, i believe in God. Please, XXXXX, be with me, do not go away. I need you.
The price for the tickets are really so, you can look in the I-net on the same site as I told you. The two tickets, the visa and all the airport and travel funds are included. Check everything, I am not lieng to you. I will now go to some other agency to talk with them.
OK? I told you that my dad called to his brother at home, to my uncle. He called from Moscow, he found the place to call from. And we learned from uncle and I learnned all the problems from uncle's wife
as she supports us and does not support the decisiopn of her husband.
You understand now.

My angel, I just asked you about the moscow. If you told yes, i would take the passport back on Sunday, i would ask them today to prapare everything for tomorrow till 12 o'clock, for 20 dollars they wopuld do everything. But as I see it is all the same impossible top everything at once:to help Dad and to have pleasant moments with you. XXXXX, it is so hard with this I-net cafe. I am thinking now of finding a place to call you from. I will try to ask for this from one of my friend.
XXXXX, can you write to me as soon as possible. XXXXX, I can come from Kiev and then i just need to leave the money here to Mum and she will send them to dad by post or I do not know how. I want to be with you, and want to thank you for everything./ I want you know my true feelings and thoughts. Please, write to me soon. May be you have met another girl and just do not want to meet me there? I worry a lot. i kiss you and wait for your sooners answer.

It is me, XXXXX, your ukrainina girl yana.
Do you know such? :))))
You know, I have never met such person as you. I have never met in my life such man as you, even all my men relatives are not such. They always decide and say to do as they want, and you are not such, you
wrote that you agree for everything. No, you are a man, and you are the best of all. And I always wait for your advice, for your nice word and your thougts.
MDad found the chance to call to my uncle, asked him for help, to send just 200 grivnas, that is 40 dollars to take the cheepest bus from there, and the uncle didn't help him, told that there is no money. I cried a lot and couldn't understand how that can be that Dad's brother didn't find 40 dollars to help his closest relative. XXXXX, my onl;y Angle in this life. you asked for the soonest news. I tell you, i want to take Dad back to Ukraine and then to go to you on the 25th of October, i think from Moscow. I plan to go om Sunday to moscow, give monet to dad for the trip back to ukraine, 80 dollars, and then go to you. But My Angel, I told you earlier that we discussed the single ticket, and I learned everything, and talked to the director of the agency, he showed the prices and the i-net pages with prices, the return ticket from Kiev is 1480 dollars, and from Moscow 1560. You sent 1007 dollars. I paid 200 for the passport. Now have 800 dollars. I will go to Moscow, that will be 110 dollars and will give 80 to dad, I will have 610 dollars, and the trip is 1560, I will need 850 more. I am so afraid that you will say I need too much, but please, look attentively the price for the return ticket is twice bigger, and even more than twice. And they can give me only a return
as i am not married and have no kids here.
XXXXX, please, tell me something, as if I will go to Moscow already on sunday I will need the money tomorrow. If I had money more I would buy the cheapest mobile to be able to call you at once every time and if have problems tell you. But I can write only from cafe now, i will wait now for an hour here for your news.
I kiss you, please, write soon.
Your yana.

Hello My XXXXX!<br />
Do not worry, please. Everything is ok, I received the money,and I wanted to write to you, but the I-net cafe was closed, they had some problems with the police as they had no licence for the programmes. So, I was not able to write. But do not worry, everything was ok. Now I am from the passport office, they told that the passport will be ready only on Monday, I paid 200 dollars for it. I also was in the tourist agency and learned there is a flight on the 25th of October To Bari anbd back on the 4th of Noveber. I think these dates will be ok, as the passport will be ready. But the price for two tickest was not like you said, they showed me all the info in the written prospects and also in the I-net, the price for two tickets is 1480 dollars. Look once more I am not lieing. I will fly from Kiev-Borispol at 16.10, flight number 305 with
Ukrainian International airlines and will arrive to Rome at 18.00, airport Fumichino.Then from Rome at 19.00 by Sunaire, flight number 1714, will arrive to Bari at20.00 to Bari-Palese. And back by Alitalia lines, on the 4th of November Bari-Milan, flight 1636 17.10-18.50, then Milan - Kiev, 20.25-00.10. Are the dates all rights, it is impossible earlier as the passport needs to be ready and also I need to prapare. XXXXX, is this ok? What about money, do you want me to come, or may be you have changed your mind. Tomorrow Western Union
works and if you send the money I will alos borrow the tickest tomorrow.XXXXX, write to me your thoughts.
I am sad also now. Father is bad in Moscow, he met his acquaintance there, but he didn't know that that man became a drugman, and that acquaintance took all father's money 50 dollars, his watches and wedding
ring , and even register card in Moscow, now he had not right to work there. Mum came to me and is crying, she asks me to fly from Moscow so, that I can go and give just some money to dad for food, or may be for the ticket back to Ukraine. XXXXX, and if I go from Moscow, what will you say. I think there is no difference for you, only money. XXXXX, I worry so much that at last
you wiull say that you are fed up with me and my family. But please, understand I can't leave dad there without anything and can't see mum who is crying, the difference of thicket from Moscow is 100 dollars
plus the ticket to Moscow from here 100.
XXXXX, I will come in two hours to look for your letter. Please, be patient with me.
I kiss you. I am so afraid now to loose you. I have your photo printed and it is in my Ukrainina passport always.<
I kiss you and wait for the news,
Your Yana

Hello My Love!

I will now go to receive the money and then will write a letter to you.I kiss you,. wait for me.
Your Yana

Ok, my Love.
May be I looked not in the right way, I will go to the tourist agency tomorrow and will ask everything.

XXXXX, I understood about the money, tomorrow I will have your all info and MTCN number of the money.
You know about the price for the tickets, I now looked once more in the I-net and it is written that it is a single ticket to bari, it is expensive because I will have to change the plane. i called to the agency, they confirmed this. XXXXX, and is this ok for you, I mean for us? I am so happy to hear about your words to me and my family, you are very generoous, thank you, but first I need to come to you.

Hello My Dearest Man XXXXX!

I am so very happy to have news from you. I feel so bad that I can't write to you at once, or may be that is good for you, otherwise if I had a computer at home I would write to you every hour with my thoughts and questions and worries and just nice words to you. I am really living like in the middle ages.
XXXXX, i understood everything from your letter. i am glad that we think the same about many questions. I am glad that your Mum will not be against me there in your house. I want to ask you also not to worry, I can say that i was also behaved in an oldfashioned manner.
I am glad that we have no problems with you at all, we really think the same on many questions.
And as for the visit of my mum , I agree with you. this time I think your and my mum won't know what to talk about and on what language, they will need our help and we will need much time to know each other.
My Dad is still here but he really insists on going to Moscow to work, we worry a lot. He is 54 years old and you know that is not the right age to start working in a foreign city and not knowing what to do at all. I have no brothers or sisters and that is why my dad kjnows that noone will help him, and that even vice a verse he needs to help me. Even now, for example, I need the coat and shoes for the autumn as it is very cold already and he can't help me with this and sees how hard for me to walk without warm clothes and his heart aches and that was the last reason for him to go.
Now let's speak about the trip. The trip is nine days there in Italy. I found all the info for you, time, arrival, terminals, air lines and all, all. So, I will go from Kiev(airport Boricpol) at 07.10 in the morning and will arrive to Milan(airport-Malpensa-do not how to write correctly) at 08.50. The number of the flight is 485, the name of the plane company is Alitalia.The name of the plane Airbus A319. From Milan at 09.45 I will go to Bari at once with the same air company and will arrive at Bari to airport Palese at 11.25. The name
of the plane here is McDonnell Douglas MD-80. The number of the flight here is 1629, terminal 1.
The price is 660 dollars. For the passport I will need to pay 150 dollars but if to make it for two days, then 180 dollars. Or may be I will go later to you,as you will decide.
I must buy the trip here as I need to have both tickest from here , only then the custom office workers will allow me to cross the border, as I am young girl without kids and family and they rarely allow to go, but if to buy a trip with round tickets then I can go from here. So, the total sum id 660+180+100(the trip to Kiev, it is 830 km from my town)=940 dollars. Wow, it is so much. There are many offices here of western union , even next to school there is a department of the bank and also the western union office. XXXXX, I am here waiting for your quick answer. i will look in an hour if there is a letter and now will go to buy bread and vegetables.
Kiss you, yana.

XXXXX, it is me again. I talked with my friend working in the agency, First of all i need a foreign passport but it can be made quickly for the extra payment and
the tour to italy depends on the airport. Is your city in the south? To what city do I need to come as from here the planes go to the biggest cities. Neapol is one of them, the round trip for 9 days is 660 dollars, that is without hotel as I told I will live with you.
I can fly every saturday and wednesday. May be this saturday we will meet? That would be great.
But of course, you will decide. Wriote to me soon.
I kiss you,

Hello XXX,
Everything is bad.
dad called to the uncle and then i learned that he has problems in
The owner of the firm he started to work in was very bad and i asked him to return but he decided to be there all the same, and now he has big problems. Some one stole all the money from the cashier office and
the boss accuse my Dad in doing that. He swears that he was not in the building even at that moment. But he tries to accuse him in everything and warned that he is going to appeal to the court with the accusation
if he doesn't return all the money, and there the sum is great, really great, 1.500 dollars. May be for the firm it is not great but for my dad it is, especially that he didn't take this money and was not there
at all at that moment when the money were stolen
Dad asked not to tell mum about this, as she will have a heart attack after this. I am in shock now and the holiday is not a holiday for me now.
I worry and I even have a sharp pain in heart though i have never had problems with this. xxx, sorry, again I have some problems here. I am myself so very
tired of everything. It is better for me to die now and not to see all this, not to know that my closest relatives are suffering when so many other people live a happy life, and there is not a single cloud in the
sky over them. I know such thoughts are bad but I really feel that it is better to die than to ahve all these thoughts in my head.
Sorry, i will go, need to think,
Will write later,

This was the last mail I received from miss “YANA KOTUKHA” she robbed me around 2.000 dollars, she is still ACTIVE on the site HEARTSINEUROPE named Yarina Rose from Lugansk UKRAINA, BE WARNING SHE IS A SCAMMER!!


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