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Last name: Unknown
Age: 25
Location details: Cheboksary, Russia
Postal address: Unknown
Phone number:
E-mail address:


This person, first responed to me on 31st Oct, and I returned a mail on Nov 3rd. I heard nothing for until 12th Dec. Her letters explaining she was corresponding with another man from England, they had planned to meet, she paid for her preparations but he failed to meet her at the airport. I attach her words:

" I have specified in a profile that I search
for the person more advanced age because I think, that the person which has lived enough years, already has experience and has learned to appreciate women and to address with them. I already had acquaintance to the person from England. We there is enoughcommunicated also I, having chosen a free time, has decided to meet it. But as at it was not opportunities to arrive to me we have solved that I shall arrive To it. I have constrained the promise,I independently went in Moscow to order registration of my visa, has made the foreign passport and has bought the tickets! have spent many money, time and nerves, Has arrived to him, and him has not met me at the airport. It has appeared very borrowed on work. I have very much taken offence at it, therefore I have left home next day. I very much
was upset after that case, it would not be desirable to make more such risky and rash acts. Let's agree, that if in the future our attitudes
will develop also I would ask you to divide with me those difficultieswhich probably will arise."
Hmm, I was a little suspicious, I asked how did she get back if it was not an open ticket? No answer.
Than the money demand finally came on 30th Dec. some repairs needed to her flat.See below:
"But I have problem and do not know to whom to
address for By the help. I have only native and you, well some familiar. But I already asked about the help all whom only Could. It is simple there is nobody to address except for you. Yesterday I wrote to you the letter from the Internet of cafe, And when I left houses in
it cafe has forgotten to switch off the crane on kitchen and I casually has flooded Apartment with a bottom. And now I should pay to him damage. I tried to agree with him but me have given up, Also have said that if I shall not pay to him 230 dollars during 4 days that he goes in court and submits on me The application. I know that I shall have money but it will be after new year approximately in middle of January. And I very much would not like to go in court and to have conversation in militia what to give him money. As Now there are holidays. I had to spend money for gifts and ornament of a house to holidays and I have no The necessary sum."

So, usual scammer techniques, not answering questions, especially the one when I asked for a copy of her passport, visa and documentation.


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