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Last name: kam
Age: 24
Location details: Ghana accra
Phone number:
E-mail address:


Warning! This person will try to get much more money then other girls from russia/ukrain.
Here is a bit of heres mail!

Am sharon was born In Ghana I grew up in Accra The Capital City, i graduated from University Of Legon, Am 5.7ft Black eyes.I like honesty & loyality and I hate liars & cheats. I am currently at 143lbs, I own a shop in which i sell clothens I am not sure what happen in my marriages and i do not like talking about it cause i get upset,how are u?hope u are u know something.......i checked my porcket and found no money,i went on to check my wallet and found no coin,i checked my heart and found you.I never knew i was so rich.dear take care for me ok for i know things will surely work out but its only about the distance between that is becomeing something like an obstacle but i know we will work it out.thanx alot for the love u give me everyday i really dont know how to thank u cos i never thought i could even love again but ub really brought love into me again.thanx too for what u've sent i will also try and send something ok but will love u to use it alone.bye forn now.hello dear well i've called the agent and this is what he said.he says the passpot,visa and the ticket will be $1600.i told my uncle about it and he said i should tell first cos he wants to hear what u have before he will know what to do.dear my uncle will be leaving for South Africa in the next four says so he says he want to hear from u so he will know what to do.he really says he will help cos he sees u to be a real man so gentle and careing cos its anybody who will work out this things for someone leaving far from his country.dear my uncle really likes u do u know that.dear i really dont know what to tell u cos u make me feel so loved.

Please send me the money soon bye western union so I can come to you..I love you man!


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