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Nadya Terehova
First name:

Nadya Terehova

Last name: nadia
Age: 24
Location details: russia, Kazan or Moscow
Postal address: prodebi street
Phone number:
E-mail address:;


pasport and visa scam
Hello xxx
I am happy to recieve your letter. I like to be with you. I never met such man as you before and I believe that we can be together and I hope that we will
find our happiness. I want to come to you.
Today I was in travel agency to learn about trip to as soon as possible. But from all it I am sad very much. Trip to you is not so easy as I thought before. Yes, I have time for it, I want it all my heart and hope that we will find heart and soul of each other when we
will meet. But I was sad from cost of trip to you. I need some papers for trip. Visa to Belgium, documents for visa, international passport and tickets to Brussels. I found out cost of it and I am sad very
much and I do not know what do. Because visa and documents for it will cost $80 Euro, international passport will cost $160 Euro and tickets cost cheapest $785 Euro. I do not have such money. It is very big money for me. And I can not find it anywhere. I want to come to you and to have my happiness and love - you. But I can not because of the money. In travel agency I was told that I can get all necessary documents in
14 days. But I do not know about money. May be
it is wrong but. But may be you will be able to help me with cost of tell me can I hope you, can you help me with it. And if yes, that I will arrrive to you as soon as possible. I miss and I'm sure that now my happiness is close to me as never before. You are close to me and you are in my heart, I dream about us and live with hope that we will be together soon. Martin answer me about all it and our relationship. I miss you very much tell me when we will be able to be together.

Hello xxx
I was again glad to your letter xxx
But I do not understand why you have sent me the letter with a photo the woman and same By name as well as at me? I many times read on a site concerning that that some The women deceive the men because of money. It is wrong. I do not respect such women and I consider that they do not have future.
In the past I also had bad experience with the man, now I think that I can To tell to you about it.
I had some relationships with men, but it was not long and serious. Later I had a man with who I was
meeting for half of the year. At the start he gift me attention, I had all: flowers and sweets every day. I seemed to be the most happy woman in the world. But later when I knew him closer I understood that he is not so good man. He has left me and I was very
upset, I could not believe that I was wrong about him, but it was three years ago and actually I do not like to remember it. But please do not worry I think that you are real good man, I know that bad man can not
write such a good letters. I think that you may be the only man I am looking for, but I think that we should know each other closer. I think that letters can help us in it. For our meeting at me now is only 60 euros. I know that it a little, But at me is not present more even on registration of the documents. Also listen at me now there is a gold ring. This ring me has presented to me My grandmother 3 years back. She has told that this ring represents very large Value for all our family. Today I went in jeweller shop and has asked for how many me can buy This ring. The seller has told me that this ring have estimated in 104 Euros. I think that I could sell him enclose this money in necessary The documents for our meeting. But at me will be only 104 Euros. It will be very bad to me to sell this ring but I can it make.


Hello xxx
Yes xxx I spoke you and you know that I also am interested in that To visit you in Belgium.
For all documents it is necessary 240 Euro. All documents for my travel In Belgium will be made out within 2 weeks, so promised me in tourist To firm.
You also are interested in our meeting xxx?
I wait your answer.

Hello xxx
If you can not send me money that
I began to make out the documents for our meeting, then I understand.
If you can send money, then I shall begin to make out the documents.
I wait for your answer.



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