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Last name: KIROVA
Age: 26
Location details: BRYANSK
Postal address: I DON?T KNOW
Phone number:
E-mail address:


She is inscribed in his database, his identifier is 63535.<br />
I received the first message on the 12-01-07th, in my mail.Later I received three letters, in response to mine. In the fourth letter, received on the 18-01-07th, the surprise appears, she has vacation and wants to visit me.
Hi my love xxx
Whole day today I am thinking only about you.
And I am thinking about our meeting.
I am just now come to home from work and want to say you one important thing.Today I have speak with my chef about my vacation.And he said that from monday I can take few weeks. My vacation will be from 22 of january till 15 of february.It is means that in this period we can meet each other.What do you say? Are you happy that soon can see me?I think that I can come and visit you in your country.You know, I have never been in foreign countries. I will call now in embassy and will know what I need for at visit you.You know, I am feel to you more than just friendship.I am thinking, maybe it is destiny.On the internet site we have choose each other from few thousand people!How this possible? I do not know. But I can say exactly, when I have seen you first time, my heart go fast.Ok. We will see what will be. I am hope that you feel the same.Missing about you. Very pity that we not together now!
I kiss you darling, your Dian

My suspicions, they seem true, and I continue his game, to verify that his request of money is for coming.
Really, such and since she had announced to me, the Monday 22, she going to the travel agency to buy his tickets of plane, and I receive the following letter

? Hi my lovely Javier
Thank you for information which you gave me!
As I told you, today I was in travel agency and I taken my visa. I send you copy of this.
I am also wanted to buy tickets to flight. But this is very expensive!
The tickets to flight to you and back cost 760 USD. I am taken my salary, but it is just 400 USD.
I am paid on friday for visa 90 USD and now I have just 300 USD.You know, in agency said that it is good proposal. And for me this suitable.I will flight on sunday 28 of january and back on sunday 11 of february.
For at do not lost this tickets I am paid my 300 USD in agency of travel.
And I want to ask you help me with tickets. I am leave your e-mail in agency, they will send you information.
Can you pay to travel agency 460 USD? Because I cannot find more money!I understand that it is not so good, but I have no nobody for at borrow money.
As you can see, I serious with you. And I am want to visit you.<br />
Sure, that we will great time together.
I will be wait letter from you.
Hope all will be alright and we will meet on this weekend. Gentle kiss you my love, your Diana

And three hours later I receive, of one of the men (SERGEY ZAVOLOKO) with more alerts in Internet the following message, from the following mail address

Hello MR. xxx. Unfortunately, I do not know your full name. My name is Sergey, I am main manager in travel agency GENERAL TRAVEL. My agency have contact with Diana Kirova. She buy the visa and want to buy tickets. Today I have speak with Diana. She already paid for tickets 300 USD. But tickets cost 760 USD. This is price with return tickets and tax. Diana say that you can pay other money for her tickets. You need to pay 460 USD. In this letter I am sent you all flight and cost information about tickets. Save this and print. You can pay via international payment system Western Union. Information for payment. Full name is Sergey Zavoloko. Address is 476587, Bryansk, Russia, Hachinskaya str. 49, office 71. With best regards, Sergey



SU 299 Sheremetyevo (SVO), Moscow, Russian Federation
Terminal 2 19:10
Barajas (MAD), Madrid, Spain
Terminal 4 22:15
Non-stop / 320 5h05min N/A Yes Yes

SU 300 Barajas (MAD), Madrid, Spain
Terminal 4 23:55
Sheremetyevo (SVO), Moscow, Russian Federation
Terminal 2 06:35 + 1 day(s)
Non-stop / 320 4h40min N/A Yes Yes

AIR FARE 680.00 TAX 80.00 AIR TOTAL USD 760.00


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