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Last name: Bortnik
Age: 20
Location details: Sarny, Ukraine
Postal address: Sarny Ukraine
Phone number:
E-mail address:


This is not an honest man. He only wants money and some stupid girl to marry him so that he may come to America. BEWARE...

Below is the letter asking me for money.

I tell you how I can get out of Ukraine. For this need passport but need go to military for the term of one year to get passport. During such time I can
not talk to you for one year or see my friends and famly. Or I can get it an other way. For this need you help. I go to hospital for not less than one
month and I am sick. I not certainly sick but this for not be in military. Then I pay doktor to tell that i can not go into military and so I not have
to spend one year doing such. This cost money, cost 2100. Maybe can you help me? I need only 1000 from you and you can send it each month a little. I can
only spend 1100 of my own without hurt my business. Please maybe can you help.

Hugs Artem


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