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Last name: None
Age: 31
Location details: St Peterburgh Russia.
Postal address: St Petersburg
Phone number: Not None
E-mail address:


She is a director of a Night Club in St Petersburg and has a supposed aunty who lives in London many letters of love and living in England... Then in Moscow she buys a Night Club and needs money for air tickets requires you to open a bank account to send money ... Be careful lads and do not be fooled !! here is an exmple ....

Hi my love I am very glad to receive this magnificent letter. It has given me a charge of new feelings and emotions. I cannot still believe the happiness. Days of expectation of our fast meeting do not give me to sleep at night. I cannot fall asleep that I to represent
our meeting. And each time all this in a new fashion. Well, I shall write to you number of my phone after my returning and Saint Petersburg. Probably I shall call to you from Moscow. I hope you will not be against it. I to not ask you money. I ask you to create the new
bank account. To you there will be no necessity to spend the money. It is necessary for you to create simply the new bank account, even it is unessential, that on it would be money. My aunt will send on it the account of money and you then can send it to my tourist agent. We can discuss it by phone. To look each other in the face and to speak our feelings is a top of pleasure. It is dream which it becomes fast real.
You as a ray of light on which light I go on the dark world. This beam conducts me in the country of fairy tales, happiness and infinite love. All beautiful the world of words will not suffice to describe this feeling. It is more than the love, is more than passion. This that of what can dream only the woman. Happiness, love, the kind and loving husband. All this that is necessary to me for happiness. I cannot simply be disappointed in you, this big happiness and success what to find you in this big world. Unless it not so? And we shall go now on a ladder of a life in top holding each other for hands. It will be gentle, but strong embraces. You to win my love, my heart and I
forever to belong to you. You my king, and I your queen. You in my heart so are deep, that you from this will be not not pulled out with any force. I know that our love sincerely and is clean, as a drop of dew in the morning. I shall be true to you up to the end of the life and if I shall break the oath the god to me the judge. I when to not be going to break our feelings and our love. It will be eternal and even more! I for you not only the soul mate, but also more your love,
your dream, your partner, your wife. And it will not be challenged whom. You for me all in it and lives. My life in your hands. I all for you. Excuse, but I am compelled to finish the letter, but so it would
not be desirable me. I shall wait your letter with the big impatience.
I love you. I dream of you. Yours Tatyana...


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