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Natalia Petrenko
First name:

Natalia Petrenko

Last name: Petrenko
Age: 25
Location details: Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Postal address: Ulitsa Volynskaya, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Phone number: 0038 095 1673529
E-mail address:


Report #1.

I have only written to this girl once and already she is asking for money so believe her to be a scammer..!

see below

Hi dear !

You see, I`ll try to arrange the phone, but I think it will be at the end of this week. Mybe, on Friday, does it suit you?

You know, I think about my future marriage a lot and I dream to have a great wedding some day! But now these thoughts make me very sad. Why?
Because my best friend (a very good girl) will get married soon and I am invited to her wedding as a bridesgirl (that's a big honour here in
Ukraine), but I cannot find any good shoes to buy to go there. My old shoes are broken and I will never go to a wedding in jogging shoes I have for now. I found the shoes those suit me a lot and I would even borrow the money needed, but they are sold only at an Internet store and the purchase procedure is very complicated for me and I cannot buy those great shoes for a pity. They accept different credit cards and I have not any. We are used to pay with cash for everything here. It s difficult for a man to understand that... She will never forgive me if I do not come, but I cannot come there in old ugly jogging shoes. I feel so sad now... Oh, I should not have told you this, because you
may feel sad now too, sorry...

Write soon,


Your Natasha

Report #2
It took thirty eight emails before I could confirm that this girl was in fact a scammer and unfortunately it did cost a pair of shoes. Even at that stage I thought about using a so called Ukranian security specialist to check what she was telling me was true. I decided against it in the end and sent the shaoes expecting the emails to end abruptly shortly afterwards. They didn't and more request for assistance followed see below:

Hi my sweetheart XXX!
How are you doing today?
I understand that I put you in an awkward position! Sorry for that, my darling!
I know that our relationship reached the point when we must test it! I realize that we should meet each other in person as soon as possible. Because I don`t know what about you, but I attach myself to you and it becomes harder and harder for me to live without you! I just exist!
Every day I come to the cafe for checking my post! You can`t even imagine how I am happy when I find the letters from you! I am sincere with you and just share my problem with the closest man in the world! I think that it is naturally! Sorry for that! I didn`t want to make you upset!
You see, if I spend the rest of my salary for the present, I won`t be able to pay for Internet access. And I can`t go on to correspond with you till I pay for it! This fact will kill me. Because for now I live only with your warm letters!

Write soon,

Hugs and kisses,

Your Nata

I now suspect that the internet gift site is also part of the scam, this I have yet to confirm.


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