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Last name:
Age: 24
Location details: Bryansk, Russia
Postal address: Bryansk, Russia
Phone number:
E-mail address:


She immediately gave me her personal e-mail to continue correspondence. She went as far as to say that she was ready to travel to be with me and to have children even though we have not met?
She requested money to arrange for travel expenses? She would not provide me with any details about contact information. When I suggested coming to meet her she stopped all further contact?

Here is a record of the letters in order of occurrence with Marina ( ID= 24060 ). The letters were sent daily in sequence.

1. (I sent an introduction letter.)

2. (Her reply) Please, write me on

3. (I replied.)

4. (Her reply) Hi darling.
I very much want to leave from Russia. Therefore I search for the husband on the Internet.
In Russia it is dangerous to live. I want to create happy family. But I do not want, that my children would be born in Russia.
I search for the serious person for serious attitudes.
I want to leave in the near future in marriage. Therefore I search on the Internet.
I shall be wait your letter.
Kiss, Marina.

5. (I replied.)

6. (her reply.) Hi darling ***.
I shall be very glad to arrive to you.
I want you to ask:
You live one?
You can have children?
How many you want children?
You are confident, what I can find work in your country?

I wait for your letter.
Kiss, Marina.

6. (I replied.)

7. (Her reply.) Hi my darling ***.
Today I was in agency of travel.
To me have told, that the bus goes two times to a week.
I choose the bus because in Bryansk there is no airport.
The ticket for the bus costs 150 euro. The visa costs 40 euro.
How you want to pay?
You can send money to me or to agency of travel.

I very much miss you.
I wait for your letter.
Kiss, your Marina.

8. (I replied:)

9. There were no further replies from Marina?

Since she stopped all correspondence after asking for money but keeping secret on her intent and contact information, it would seem that she is just using your service to try to scam?


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