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Age: 25
Location details: Moscow, Russia
Postal address: Moscow, Russia
Phone number:
E-mail address:


I believe that this person (see below) is a scammer and trying to get money out of me. I have only writte three very breif emails back to her and very suspicious don't you think?

Subject: Re: From Luda

Hi my lovely
Thank you foryournice letter! Today I hade very hard morning.
I am wake up in 6.00 and going in embassy. With my visa was no problem. I am taken this! My visa valid for one month. I send to you copy.
ThanIam goingto travel agency andwanted to buy tickets to flight. But this is very expensive!
The tickets to flight to you and back cost 720 USD. I am taken my salary, but it is just 400 USD.
I am paid for visa 90 USD and now I have just 300 USD. You know, in agency said that it is very good proposal. And for me this suitable.
For at do not lost this tickets I am paid my 300 USD in agency of travel.
And I want to ask you help me with tickets. I am leave your e-mail in agency, they will send to you information. Can you pay to travel agency 420 USD? Because I cannot find more money!
I havenot nobody for at borrow money. My parents cannot help me with this.
As you can see, I serious with you. And I am realy want to visit you. Sure, that we will have great time together. I will be wait letter from you. You can contact travel
Hope all will be alright and we will meet very soon.
Gentle kiss you my love, your Diana


Except for the direct money request in 3d letter to the person, there are other scam signs:
In this message also subject line says "From Luda" and letter signed as Diana. Besides, travel agencymail address is , which is free public mail server and actually can't be used by reputable company/ agency.


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